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I am beginning to think that this bridesmaids dress is cursed.  Seriously.  Under normal circumstances (at least as normal as they get in my life), I could have completed three dresses in the time that it’s taken me to sew one and a half.  Maybe four.  Plus maybe a skirt or two.  But instead I’m still struggling and swearing at this one dress that just refuses to be sewn.

I mean, first there was the three muslins, then the trial run dress that ended up three inches too large and had to be taken in.  And then, once I’d gotten this one all cut out (having adjusted the pattern to what I thought it now should be) and sewn, the lining decides to give me fits.  And then when I get that fixed (miles and miles of unpicking tight stitching, people, miles), and everything all sewn nicely together, just when I think, “Whew, that’s done, and now I can do the skirt which is easy.” I decide to try it on one last time just to rejoice in its nice fit, and…. it doesn’t.

The damned thing is now too small.  And when I say “damned,” why, yes, I do mean that in the full theological sense.

I have no idea why it’s too small.  I tried on the trial run dress just in case I’d suddenly gained weight again, but it still fits just fine.  So it’s got to be the fabric – going from slightly stretchy cotton to no-give-at-all brocade.  But the fabrics are a similar weight, and this isn’t a dress in which requires ease.  Hence the Cursed-Dress Theory, which would account for this bending of the laws of geometry and possibly also physics.  I’d throw in space and time for good measure, but I don’t want to believe the dress has quite that much power.  Let me live in my denial a little longer.

Luckily, it’s not too difficult of a fix.  I still have the original pattern piece for the back from before I took the extra inches out.  All I need to do is replace the too-small bodice back pieces with new original-size ones, and then sew everything together again.  I’ve already got everything unpicked again, the new pieces cut out, and am ready to start sewing again.  With any luck at all, I’ll have it fixed and the skirt attached by dinner time.  Or at least by bedtime.  Maybe.

Has anybody got any Holy Water I could use?