First off, if you’ve found yourself here because you heard I love the Oregon Ballet Theater’s Tragic Heroine Throwdown, well I certainly do (scroll down a little for that post), and thanks for stopping by!  Keep coming back!  🙂

If you’re here because you’ve been reading my blog for a while now, well, hi to you too!  🙂  I figured that today I’d share with you some of the fun things about the last few weeks.  Not everything about the upcoming Weddingpalooza is stressful (just the stuff that is, really, really is).  I think I’ve been giving a somewhat unbalanced view of things, so I thought I’d give you a little peek at the nicer side.

This was taken the morning after Sae’s Slumber Party Bachelorette.  No, Sae and The Duchess didn’t actually share the couch.  This was specially staged so we could show off AnniPott’s quilt, which we had to snuggle with since we didn’t have her (she won’t get here from Texas until sometime today).  But it’s still awfully cute.

Also cute?  Our toenails!

Every time I come around the corner of my house, Mariah’s irises make me smile.

So beautiful.

We’ve been having a lot of impromptu cookouts since Rosie chopped down the two dead arbor vitaes that had been in front of the front porch for years (part of Indy’s Spiff Up The Family Homestead Before The Wedding Guests Arrive Campaign).  This is Dad tending the fire.

Behind him on the patio are some of the wedding favors/table decorations that are all ready to go on the tables at Sae’s reception.  Each of those pots was hand made by Mom from her own design.

But best of all has been our new niece!  This is Honey, who just arrived from Korea with her mom and Big Brother late Monday night.  I got to meet her and Sunny (her mother) yesterday.  They’re both rather ridiculously cute.  See that toy bow and arrow set on the couch next to Honey?  That was her favorite thing she found at my parents house.

Well, maybe her favorite thing after Boy-O.  I think she spent a good 50% of her time up on his shoulders.  It was pretty awesome.

So you see?  There are good things too.

Also, I should tell you that the bridesmaid dress is coming along.  It continues to be a struggle – last night I got the lining sewn in, and couldn’t figure out why it was so lumpy and weird until I realized that I’d botched the understitching, which will have to be all ripped out.  I was telling someone last night about this project, and they said that it sounded not so much like a dress, but like a protracted battle.  They may have a point.  But we soldier on!