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Last week I was in a bad way.  Every time I thought about wedding stuff, I could feel my entire body tensing up.  I would look down at my hands in my lap, and discover that they were actually clenched into fists.  I would sometimes realize that I had been grinding my teeth together without realizing it.  And then there were the headaches.  Dancing on Wednesday helped some, but not enough.  By Thursday, whenever I said the words, “A week and a half away,” my breath caught and I started hyperventilating a little.  You see, it wasn’t just Sae’s wedding coming up, the one with the veil I hadn’t had a chance to reblock yet, and the bridesmaid dress that was still a pile of fabric on the cutting mat in the dining room (let’s not talk about the total panic early in the week when I went to get the fabric to cut it, and couldn’t find it), and the friends coming into town who were going to possibly be seeing my house which, frankly, looks kinda like Joplin, MO right about now.  It was Big Brother’s wedding a week after that, the one with the real To Do list a mile long, plus the vast penumbra of items zinging around in my head that haven’t actually been written on the To Do list yet.  (I’d be giving myself hives just thinking about it, except I’m stoked that I just used the word “penumbra” in a non-Constitutional context.)  It was all getting to be rather a lot, especially when, after the whole-body tensing came the stomach aches (this may have something to do with why I had to take in the trial dress three inches).

And then Rosie’s birthday came along and saved me.  Friday was her birthday, and she’d issued an invitation to come hang out with her at Dublin Pub, followed by dancing elsewhere.  I didn’t think I could go (that To Do list…), but when I told her this, she persuaded me to come anyway.  I think it was the best thing I could have possibly done.  We sat out on the patio, where the service was abysmal, but the air was soft and sweet.  I propped my feet up on the table supports, pulled out my knitting for the first time in days, drank my beer and slowly felt my muscles unwind.  Since the service was so slow, I had lots of time for unwinding, rather a blessing in disguise.  I got home late, feeling like maybe I would get that fabric cut out after all, but then I ended up talking to The Young Queen instead.  And then Saturday came.  I was able to block Sae’s veil again (it turned out much better this time).  The dress got cut out, and then I went out to celebrate Rosie’s birthday again, this time with the family.  We went to The Chop House, had a great dinner with fabulous service (also a very cute waiter), came home and slept like the dead.

Sunday afternoon I was scheduled to take a flower arranging class at The Flowerman down in Centerville.  This is so I can help make the boutonnieres and bouquets for the various weddings.  It was very interesting.  We started off with cleaning two dozen roses, and then proceeded to make a boutonniere, a wrist corsage and a bridal bouquet.  There was also a demonstration of how to make a cake topper, a flower-covered pomander, and the huge bouquets people use for altar decorations, etc.  While the class was fun, it was so hot and humid in the warehouse that one of the other women in the class fainted.  I was never so glad that I’d stopped off for a very large iced coffee beforehand!  I was done with the class in time to do some shopping before heading to 6pm Mass.  After Mass I ended up heading back over to the Family Homestead for dinner, and then coming home to sew.  Everything seemed to be going along swimmingly until I tried to match up the two halves of my bodice front, and realized that I had sewn them upside down.  That was when I realized that I was done sewing for the night.

And now we’re heading into the homestretch.  As soon as I hit send I’m heading out to pick up necessary items at Wal-Mart, then home again to hopefully finish sewing my bridesmaid dress and try to finalize my many lists.  There is also some help on the way.  The Beautiful T is driving in with The Duchess, and has offered to be my personal slave for the next little while.  I cannot express how deeply I appreciate this!  (I also haven’t actually laid eyes on her since I found out that she is pregnant, so when I say I can’t wait to see her I mean it more literally than usual.)  AnniPotts will be here Wenesday.  Big Brother and Sunny are arriving soon too.  I know he sent me an e-mail with his schedule in it, but I just haven’t had time to go find it again.  Soon we’ll be all assembled, and then the (very detailed) itinerary Sae e-mailed me last Friday will kick in.

But let’s not think about that just yet.