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There’s this song that’s been stuck in my head lately.  It’s called Me & My Gal, and is most famous for being sung by Gene Kelly & Judy Garland in their movie with the same name.  It’s a nice song, all about how the birds are singing and the bells are ringing for me and my gal.  Then it says, “Everybody’s been knowin’, to a wedding they’re goin’, and for weeks they’ve been sewin’, every Susie and Sal!”  And that’s when I lose patience.  Weeks!  What the heck are they talking about, weeks!  What kind of lucky sods only have to sew for weeks for a wedding!  I don’t know who this Susie and Sal are, and I don’t care, but I will hate them forever, them and their superior sewing skills, their fast needles, their… whatever it was that made them able to only sew for weeks.  And depending on how much sleep I’ve had, that’s when the profanity starts to creep in…

So I spent most of my weekend sewing (can you tell?), and while I have some good results to show for it, it left me in such a foul mood that I just had to walk into work today and Boss J said, “Oh, you’re not ok!”  I worked mainly on the trial run of my bridesmaids dress, got everything sewn together properly, including all the understitching, cartridge pleating, self-facings, and every other little bit of joy Vogue built into the pattern, tried it on, and… it didn’t fit.  The bloody thing was too big!  It seems I must have lost weight since I fitted the muslin three weeks ago.  Unfortunately, with this design just that much looseness is enough to take it from snugly fitting vintage chic to sortof farm girl smock.  And I’ll be, um, darned (and yes, I suppose I’m talking about the procedure for mending holes in socks) if I’ll work this bloody hard to look like a farm girl in a shiny smock!

Now the good thing is that too big is relatively easy to fix (much easier than too small).  When I showed Indy, she had the idea that maybe we could take the fullness out of the center back seam, which actually worked quite well.  I ended up taking almost three inches out, unpicking and redoing all the related seams (do you know how much fun it is to unpick understitching?  Makes me want to start stabbing things with my good scissors, you know, the really sharp ones from Germany.)  It’s just the principle of the thing that kills me.  All that work on the muslin – a whole weekend spent adjusting it to get it just right, and it still doesn’t fit?!  Can’t my bloody body just hold still for a few weeks!

Once I got all that done, it went back together well, and I was able to get on with all the hand finishing details – sewing in the inner belt, etc.  That part wasn’t so bad, particularly since I was able to watch the Sherlock Holmes miniseries from BBC/Mystery Theater while I worked (Martin Freeman is cute, yo.)  Then came the fun part: pounding in the pearl snaps.  And I had a dress!  I left it to hang overnight, and at some point I’ll get someone to mark the hem for me, but essentially it’s done.  Stupid dress.  And now I get to move on to cutting out the brocade for the actual bridemaid dress.

In other news this weekend was also Sae’s Bachelorette Slumber Party.  All the sisters except AnniPotts, plus two of Sae’s friends from Cincinnati converged on the Family Homestead, where we ate pizza, did our nails, and watched movies.  Much hilarity ensued, particularly when the DVD player didn’t want to recognize a disk, and we had to carry out The Ritual to convince it that it really did want to play.  This mostly consisted of Sae reciting the Sacred Couplet: “When in danger, when in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout.” immediately followed by The Duchess performing an interpretive dance, and then tapping the DVD case gently two times.  (What?  Isn’t this what you do when your DVD player is acting up?)  This actually worked three times (the player kept freezing up too), and then we threw in the towel and switched to using Rosie’s laptop.  The next morning we slept in, then cooked a big breakfast.  Indy called Boy-O to let him know that it was safe to come home again (he had spent the night at a friend’s).  He came home to a whole houseful of sisters to tickle, and just in time to help with the dishes!

And then I went home to sew some more.