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Suddenly yesterday, after all this waffling about with rain and things, the weather decided that it was time to have a proper Spring.  And then, because it’s the weather, it overshot things and took us all the way into Summer, complete with heavy humidity!

But it was still beautiful.

On the side of the house, Mariah’s irises are emerging into full bloom.

And inside the house I’m busy cooing over the lovely, lovely succulents I brought home from Nameless & Mai’s wedding.

I love this little toothed aloe.  I don’t know what the one next to it is, but those lovely flat leaves with the toothy edges just slay me.

Look at the purple bloom on this jellybean plant!  I wish the light had been a little better, but really, that’s about what color it is.  And, yes, it’s supposed to be that color.  It means it’s been getting enough sun.

I’m such a sucker for succulents.  Sigh.