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This year I had a perfectly good birthday.  However, some people seemed to get a little put out when I told them that my birthday was good.  They seemed to think that any birthday that wasn’t great, or utterly tremendous, or the best day ever just wasn’t good enough.  I don’t completely understand this (good is good, especially since it’ s not bad).

However, that did get me started thinking about the really, really good birthdays I’ve had.  I think the best birthday I’ve had as an adult was probably in 2006.  I had a relatively stress free day.  A good friend took me out to dinner.  I had my first ever birthday swing jam.  And when I went out to my car at the end of the night, my brother had stuffed a huge Disney princess mylar balloon in my back seat which bobbed in my rear view mirror all the way home.  However, one of the big things that made the day so good was that the guy I was totally nuts about at the time sent me this song:

It’s probably one of the sweetest love songs ever, and it’s all about a girl named Bernadette.  Even now when I listen to it, it makes me feel all warm inside, and I can’t help smiling.

Of course, that was the high point of that particular relationship.  Less than a week later things went dramatically downhill when the guy confessed that he was actually in love with one of my good friends and wanted me to help set him up with her, followed by everything turning into one huge mess of Drama, Badness, and Emotional F-wittage the likes of which I had never seen before nor (thanks be to God) since.  It’s a testament to how really, really good that birthday was that even that nightmare can’t taint it, and that this song still makes me smile.