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At Mai & Nameless’s wedding yesterday Bounce asked me what I was going to do with my Monday nights now that UD Swing Club is done for the year.  I told him that I didn’t actually have any free time until after the Weddingpalooza in June, but secretly I was really looking forward to having a free evening all to myself.  Then tonight, as I was chatting online with Big Brother, The Young Queen, and another friend, and texting Mr. Zoot while reading and commenting on blog posts, I realized that a nice quiet evening all to myself might be a little relative.  Still, it’s been lovely to stay home.  I even took a nap after work just because I could.  Well, and also because I’ve been tired all day, but that’s another story.

Actually, I think we’re about to enter the lull before the storm, and never have I looked forward to a lull more!  Mom and Dad are leaving on Thursday for Korea to attend Big Brother and Sunny’s wedding, so there won’t be any family gatherings for a while.  All the bridal showers are over, and there’s no more family birthdays until Rosie’s on the 20th.  I might be able to find the time to, I dunno, take a deep breath sometime in here.  And that would be a lovely thing.

All in all, for such a busy weekend, everything went surprisingly well.  Friday night I traveled down to Westchester and sat on the floor of Mai’s bathroom taking thorns off the stems of dozens and dozens of roses.  Saturday morning I got up early to make it to the BMV to renew my license plates and go grocery shopping for my birthday dinner before heading to Aunt & Uncle S’s to help get ready for Sae’s shower.  It was a very nice shower, which was wonderful considering I find most bridal (and baby) showers to be particularly refined forms of torture.  One of the drinks options was a large pitcher of very tasty sangria, which may have helped.  Also, instead of the ubiquitous Toilet Paper Bridal Gown game, we decided to make Plastic Wrap Lingerie instead.  It was kinda awesome.  Plastic wrap works much better (that whole sticking-to-itself thing), and the fashion show at the end had everyone laughing until they cried.  I may be a little biased – my team did win, after all, with a strapless confection with a pencil skirt with a flounce held on with a bow on the bottom, a rose stuck in the décolletage, another long-streamer-ed bow adding interest to the back, and a bird-cage veil fascinator rounding out the look.

After the shower, we cleaned up and then headed over to The Family Homestead for my birthday dinner.  Everyone was pretty exhausted, so it was mostly me, Rosie, Dad, Boy-O and Mr. Maker preparing the meal.  We had homemade pizza, a huge salad, and Armadillo Eggs.  I’d been wanting to make them again ever since the Superbowl, but this was really my first chance.  It was a good dinner, and I was touched that so many family members were able to make it even on this crazy weekend.  Even Mr. T drove up for it, recklessly ignoring his unvacuumed house (he was getting ready for Fleur’s First Communion brunch the next day).

I had been entertaining grandiose delusions of going home after my birthday dinner and sewing a version of my bridesmaids dress to wear to Mai & Nameless’s wedding the next day (I did have it all cut out, after all).  Unfortunately, I ended up getting sucked into the internet instead.  When I finally disconnected and started to go up to bed I remembered that what I had really needed to do was block Fleur’s First Communion shawl so that I could give it to her the next day.  At this point it was well past midnight, I was beat, and the only flat surface available for me to block something on was… my bed.  Still, if there’s anything I deeply believe, it’s that you keep your promises to children.  So I put a clean sheet on my bed, soaked the shawl in a little wool wash, blocked the shawl, turned a fan on to help it dry quickly, and went back downstairs to try to sleep on the couch.

Somehow I got up on time the next morning, and was able to get out the door on time.  Fleur’s shawl was dry, and beautiful (don’t worry, there will be pictures), and I made it down to Middletown in time to actually sit with Sae & Mr. T in the family pew up front.  Fleur looked beautiful in a ruffly cupcake of a dress with more sequins than you would think any eight year old would need.  I had just enough time after Mass to go back to her house, give her the completed shawl, watch the joy and wonder on her face when she opened it, and snap a quick picture, and then it was off again for Mai & Nameless’s wedding in Cincinnati.

It was a lovely wedding.  The best part was blowing bubbles around the table with my swing dancing friends, and taking pictures in the photo booth.  I came home tired out, with a whole armful of roses and much more than my share of the wedding favors: little potted up succulents.  I do love succulents.  And then there was some hanging out at home with Rosie and Boy-O, then stumbling up to bed.  And the day was done.