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This weekend, like most of my life recently, is fated to be swallowed up by weddings from the moment I get off work today, when I’m heading down to Westchester to help Mai with her preparations, through Saturday which features Sae’s third and (hopefully) final Bridal Shower, and ending Sunday with Mai & Nameless’s wedding.  However, in among all that nuptial bliss, a few other things are happening.  Namely, Fleur will be receiving Jesus’s Body & Blood in Holy Communion for the first time, I will become a year older, and my dear John Paul II will officially become Blessed John Paul II.  Oh, and it’s Divine Mercy Sunday too.  All this is quite a lot of one weekend to hold, but I am confident that everything will go smoothly, and we’ll all arrive safely on the other side.

Although I won’t be in Rome for the celebration, or even able to watch the coverage online (see: First Communion, also Wedding), I’ll still be thinking about my main man, whose writings changed my life, and whose witness continues to inspire me.  In his honor, here he is, praying the Our Father at his first Mass as Pope:

Have a good weekend, my dears.  I’ll see you on Monday.