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I was thinking the other day that I really like Easter.  It’s almost the perfect holiday.  You’ve got it all: deep religious significance, family gatherings, presents, little kids being adorable, pretty clothes, a time of preparation that deepens your anticipation, and, at least compared to Christmas, a blessedly low level of commercialization.  Not to say that the proliferation of pastel colored bunnies doesn’t get to be a little much this time of year, but compared to, say, Halloween, it’s not bad.  Plus there’s all the pretty flowers everywhere, and better than usual odds of having somewhat nice weather.  It’s hard to imagine how it could get better.

This Easter was a good one.  Of course, when I say “Easter” what I mean isn’t just Easter Sunday, but the whole Triduum, the series of liturgical events starting Maundy Thursday, continuing Good Friday, and culminating in the Easter Vigil on Saturday night.  On Thursday we had our very first ever CL Holy Thursday Church Crawl, a sort of mini-pilgrimage in which you visit seven Altars of Repose at seven different churches in the time between the end of The Mass of the Last Supper and midnight when Adoration usually ends.  I enjoyed this more than I expected to.  Rather than being disruptive, the trips between churches came right when my attention was starting to wander anyway.  I rode in the car with Grace, Captain Amazing, and Grace’s roommate, so the travel time was a lot of fun, and all in all, the time flew by.  Midnight came almost before I knew it.

Friday morning I slept in, and then spent most of the day (except when I was in church) sewing.  I had wanted to get the second muslin (a trial run of a pattern sewn from cheap fabric so you can work out any fitting issues before cutting up your expensive stuff) of my bridesmaid dress bodice done before our bridesmaids meeting that evening, but it didn’t quite happen.  So instead of a bodice, I showed off my planned hairstyle and jewelry.  AnniPotts showed us her dress (she looks totally like a bombshell), and Sae showed off her dress too.  I tried to show my fellow bridesmaids how to put up the bustle, but from the level of attention they paid, I’m pretty sure I’m still stuck with bustle duties.  Indy also showed us the incredibly beautiful bead flowers she’s been making for all of our hair.  As things wound down we all started to get pretty silly, and then Sae showed us her version of being a Bridezilla.  So I filmed it.  And really, I don’t know why this video isn’t an internet sensation.  I mean, I think it’s just about the most ridiculously awesome thing I’ve ever seen.  Plus, after we made Sae repeat the performance (also caught on tape), Boy-O got into the act with his own dinosaur impression.  It was kindof wonderful.

Yes, that really is what we’re like when we get together.  I told you my family was awesome.

Saturday was more sewing, finally resulting in a finished muslin with all the fitting kinks worked out.  Sae, Mr. T, and Fleur came up from Cincinnati for dinner with us followed by the Easter Vigil.  We had everyone in the family at the Vigil this year except Big Brother and Jacob.  It was pretty sweet.  Indy won the Easter Vigil Bet.  There was some pretty stiff competition this year.  Fleur placed a bet for the first time, and even 14 called a bet in from St. Louis.  If the Easter Vigil had gone on one minute and a few seconds longer, Sae would have won, but our parish priest was apparently in a hurry this year (shortest Easter Vigil I think I’ve ever attended – we barely went over two hours), and Indy emerged triumphant.  As soon as the Vigil was over, I headed home, changed into jeans, and headed out again to join my swing dancing friends at Mai’s Bachelorette party.  Alas, things had started to wind down by the time I got there, but I still had time to drink a really good beer, and hear Mai tell her version of how Nameless proposed to her.  I’d only heard Nameless tell this story before, so it was fun hearing the other perspective.

Sunday started off with brunch and Easter baskets.  This year Sae and Fleur hid them, and did Hot and Cold for us as we searched.  It was a little simpler than other years (we still remember the year all the clues were in the form of poems, or the other year when we buried Indy’s basket in the garden), but Fleur’s enthusiastic cries of “Hot!  Burning Hot!  You’re on fire!” made it extra fun.  In the afternoon pretty much everyone wanted a nap, and then we regathered over at Aunt B & Uncle J’s house for their traditional Easter lamb supper.  I ended up the evening knitting some of the last rows on Sunny’s wedding shawl while sitting on the porch swing listening to Johnnycakes and Uncle S trade drinking stories.

Monday started with a walk and hanging out a little with AnniPotts before she headed back to Texas, and then heading over to Aunt S’s house to help her put her plants outside for the summer.  She’s hosting Sae’s third (and final) bridal shower next Saturday, and she’d asked us if we could help her prepare.  Some of her plants are quite large, and since she only walks with the assistance of two canes, she needed a little help.  So I moved plants, and then sat and had coffee with her for a while.  When I was leaving I remembered that she lives just down the street from one of the best yarn shops in Dayton, the one I almost never get to because it’s so out of my usual way.  (Actually, who am I kidding.  I didn’t just happen to remember that when I was leaving.  I had been thinking about it since I knew that I was going to be driving out that way during normal business hours.)  So, you know, I stopped by.  And picked up some yarn.  Just a little bit, because, well, finances and all.  I’m just lucky that the yarn I use to knit my colorwork mittens happens to be (comparatively, at least) inexpensive!  And then in the evening was the last lesson of UD Swing Club for the year.  It was somewhat bittersweet – a lot of the students who were part of that first class of enthusiastic swing dancers are graduating.  I’ll miss some of them very much, but as long as they keep dancing, I know that I’ll run into them again sooner or later.   And in the meantime, I’m really looking forward to having my Monday nights free!

And that was my Easter.  How was yours?