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So I know it’s Good Friday, and if I were a Good Catholic Blogger I should be posting something meditative about the immense importance of this day, and the greatness of God’s love for us, and stuff like that.  And that would be awesome and appropriate.  Unfortunately, I’m not so much a Good Catholic Blogger as a blogger who happens to be a Good Catholic, and I just came from my parents house where all of us who are going to be Bridesmaids in Sae’s weddings gathered to show each other our dresses and accessories and things.  While they were there, Sae decided to give us her best Bridezilla impression, and I just happened to catch it on film.

Sorry it’s sideways – as soon as I can figure out how to switch it I will.  Of course, once she’d given us one impression, we made her do it again, but standing up  this time.  Also, Indy decided that she really needed two huge flowers in her hair to complete her look.

And then Boy-O decided to favor us with his dinosaur impression too.

And, lo, it was awesome.