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My dears, we are All Weddings All The Time around here these days.  I know you guys must be getting a little tired of hearing about it – Lord knows I’m getting tired of it too.  But this is when things start to switch into high(er) gear, so I’m afraid there’s a lot more wedding-ness heading your way.  Long ago Johnnycakes and I established a code word that he could use when the wedding talk started to get to be too much, but I’m afraid you and I have no such thing, so you’re just going to have to put up with it.  So, um, enjoy?

First of all, Sae’s veil is done, all done, finished and done (cue the angel chorus).  I can show you a few pictures of it as it was being blocked (though you’ll have to wait until tomorrow), but I’m not going to put full pictures online until after the wedding.  I stayed up until 4am on Thursday to finish it because I thought Sae needed it for her hairdresser’s appointment on Friday, only to discover Friday morning that the appointment wasn’t until Saturday.  Sigh.  But at least now it’s done, and I don’t need to worry about it any more.  Well, except I’m still worrying about it.  You see, I used the extra time I had to block the veil Friday night.  For non-knitters, this means soaking the shawl, and then pinning it out while it’s still wet, stretching it to open up the lace pattern.  This is a large part of what makes knitted lace look, well, lacey.  The veil pinned out beautifully, stretching to fill up most of Rosie’s Queen sized bed.  However, when I unpinned it, it shrank up again, and my lovely pinned out edge of lacey points curled up into kindof vague scallops.  I think I unpinned it too soon – Rosie needed her bed to sleep in – and I’m hoping that another, more thorough blocking will take care of it.  And the shawl is really beautiful even a little smaller.  But it’s still making me fret some.

On the plus side, Fleur’s First Communion shawl is also finished, and once it’s blocked I’ll post pictures of it.  I’m now knitting away on Sunny’s Wedding Shawl, a little heavier shawl (since she gets cold very easily) in the most lovely bamboo/silk blend.  I picked a pattern that featured a butterfly motif because flowers and butterflies are traditional decorations for Korean bride’s clothes (at last according to google they are).  The pattern is a little less exciting than I’m used to, but the yarn and needles are much bigger so it’s moving right along.  The goal is to be done with it before May 6 so that Mom and Dad can take it with them when they go to Korea for Big Brother’s wedding.

Speaking of which, the other big thing that got accomplished this weekend was that I got Big Brother’s wedding invitations out.  I probably could have picked a better day to mail them than Tax Day, but they’re out now, which is the important thing.  I printed them out at The Family Homestead on Saturday while I was working on dinner, Indy cut and folded them for me, and Uncle J helped me stuff them into envelopes.  Sunday evening after I got back from Palm Sunday Mass I put a movie on Netflix and got them addressed.  Now we just have to track responses, and, well, deal with everything else.

Saturday night I also tested out recipes for Bulgogi and Samgyeopsal, which were delicious.  I spent most of Saturday afternoon driving around Dayton collecting the ingredients (and blessing Fitz for putting the new radiator in my car.  Do you know how wonderful it was to be able to drive wherever I needed to go without anxiously watching the gauge to find out if the car was overheating, or worrying whether the car would make it one more stop before I needed to refill the coolant reservoir?  So wonderful!).  While Big Brother’s invitations were printing out I was cutting up beef and pork belly, shredding green onions for paori (the green onion salad that’s part of the Samgyeopsal) and making dipping sauces.  Rosie came over to help me cook the meat, and we sat down to a dinner of Bulgogi and rice, Samgyeopsal.  Both of them are grilled meats cut into bite sized pieces which you wrap in lettuce leaves with other ingredients, making a little tasty package which you pop into your mouth.  The Bulgogi is usually wrapped up with a little bit of rice and some dipping sauce, and the Samgyeopsal is wrapped up with some of the garlic that is cooked along with the meat, some green onion salad, and another dipping sauce.  Both of them were really, really good.  It’s going to be interesting scaling the recipes up for many people at the reception, but I think the result will be worth the effort!

My big goal for this week is to try to get my bridesmaid dress mostly finished, or at least fit the second muslin.  I haven’t touched it since February.  I have a little time off coming up, though that’s going to be mostly filled up with going to church, attending a coworker’s funeral, and helping Aunt S get ready for Sae’s third bridal shower, which will be weekend after next.  Sigh.  This always happens – I think of all the nice time off I’m going to have over Easter, those days stretching before me full of promise, and I start daydreaming about all the things I could get done.  Then I remember that what you really do over the Easter break is spend most of your time in church, and my plans become somewhat more modest.  Still, I’m hoping that there will be at least one day in there that I can devote mostly to sewing.  I’ll let you know how that goes.