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Oh, my friends, I am so close to being done with Sae’s veil!  So close!  Less than six rows to go, and then I can cast off, and we’ll be all finished but the blocking.  This is not a minute too soon, of course.  Even though Sae’s wedding is still over a month away, Sae’s appointment to go over things with her hair stylist is tomorrow, and she has Let It Be Known that she would like to have something to show her.  When she first told me this, I felt a little panicked.  The veil had been in time out for a while.  For some reason, when I had started the second section, things just… didn’t work.  I was doing my best to follow the pattern exactly, but motifs didn’t line up, yarn overs looked like they were placed randomly, and it just looked awful.  Then one side of the veil started coming together, but the other continued to look like a hot mess.  I couldn’t figure out what I had done wrong, and I couldn’t bear to keep knitting myself further into this black hole of badness, so it went into time out while I knit Fleur’s First Communion shawl.  I finished that shawl Saturday while I was on retreat, and with two more talks to go and no other knitting projects to turn to, I finally got out the veil again and started the process of unpicking the rows of knitting that needed to be undone.  By Sunday I had undone all the work I’d done since I finished the first half, and in the process figured out what I needed to do to make the pattern come out correctly.

On Monday I finally started knitting again, and since then things have gone swimmingly.  This time the pattern has just flowed off the needles.  Now I’m on the very last chart, with about five and a half more rows to go, and the urge to rush triumphantly to the finish is becoming overwhelming.  What’s with this going to work thing?  Why must I sleep?  Don’t these people realize that I have knitting to do?  Seriously, I almost talked myself into pulling an all-nighter last night just to get this done.  Thankfully, I chose sanity instead, but even as I’m typing this I’m fighting the impulse to sneak away with my knitting to some secluded corner, hide from the world, and knit.  My saving grace is that this afternoon I’m giving ‘Sup Doc her second knitting lesson, which means lots of knitting time for me, and then we’ll have a Catholic Life Leadership Team meeting (more knitting time) and the Catholic Life meeting itself (even more knitting time), which should be enough time to do the last rows and cast off.  If not, then I’ll queue up a bunch of Indian movies on Netflix and knit until the sky gets light again.  But this veil will be done!

There’s been a lot of stuff going on for Big Brother’s wedding too.  We’re down to the wire with getting invitations out, so the last week and a half or so has been taken up with putting various drafts together, sending them out to those who had a say, making edits, etc.  We now finally have an invitation that everyone loves.  I have to admit I think it’s awfully pretty too.  We’re using this beautiful tree by a Russian artist whose style I love.  I found it on Crestock.com, and I think it is possibly the most joyful tree I’ve ever seen.  Here it is on my favorite of our proposed invitation covers (one of the ones, incidentally, we’re not using):

See?  Lovely.  Now I just need to get the invitations printed, and we can get them mailed (hopefully) this weekend.

Also this weekend will by our first try at making Bulgogi and Samgyeopsal.  (Is it bad that I still have to look that last one up on Wikipedia every time to make sure I’m spelling it right?  And let’s not even talk about my pronunciation!)  I’m going to do it over at The Family Homestead, partly because I want to use Mom & Dad’s grill, and partly because Mom just had a heart catheterization (it went smoothly, she’s home from the hospital and doing fine, and I haven’t mentioned it because she wanted to keep it quiet), so I want to make life a little easier for her.  In what was a unique experience for me, this morning I called up the butcher’s and ordered 10lbs of uncured pork belly for the Samgyeopsal.  Here’s hoping it tastes delicious!

And lastly, for a while I’ve been thinking about making a list of all the different nicknames I use on this blog, partly to help people know who I’m talking about while still protecting identities, and partly to help keep names straight in my own head.  Recently another blogger linked to one of my posts, and mentioned in her text something about the five million nicknames.  That finally got me moving, and today, as a very special present to you, I give you The Cast of Thousands, your own personal cheat sheet of nicknames used on this blog.  So far I’ve only added the nicknames I’ve used since December of last year, but when I get time I’ll go through and hopefully eventually have every nickname I’ve ever used.  Enjoy.