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So I was chatting online with a certain person the other night, and we got onto the topic of Star Wars.  Let me be clear about this: I love Star Wars.  My whole family loves Star Wars.  One of my earliest memories is of crying because my parents wouldn’t let me go see the first Star Wars movie in the theater with my cousins & older siblings.  Even my grandmother collected Star Wars toys in the years when you could pick them up at garage sales, which is why I have a complete Millenium Falcon, among other things.  When they re-released the movies, we all had a huge Family Event of going to go see them together.  We were intensely excited when the prequel episodes were announced, and made plans to go see them all together too.  And then it turned out that they sucked, each one worse than the one before.  The third movie was so horrible that I ended up crying tears of rage over the closing credits.  That was when I decided that those three movies were dead to me.

Anyway, to get back to my story, I was chatting with a friend online, and we got onto the topic of Star Wars.  I was excited, and ready to settle into a nice chat about one of my favorite things.  And then he started talking positively about Episode 3.  You know, the one that made me cry tears of rage.  And then he did it.  The unforgivable thing.  Are you ready for it?

He defended Jar Jar Binks.

In the face of a shock like that, the only thing to do is immerse oneself in the goodness of the original Star Wars, the only Star Wars movies that exist in my world.  Consequently, I give you one of the most wonderful videos I’ve seen in a long time, a video that combines a deep appreciation for the original Star Wars with Lindy Hop goodness.  Enjoy.