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So.  Well.  That happened.  And I didn’t blog about it.  I know.  Bad blogger!  But I promise to make it up to you, starting with lots of really cool links!

In other news, I may or may not have gone bowling over the weekend and chalked up a lifetime high score of 85 (those who have bowled with me before will know exactly how awesome this really is).  And I’m working away on wedding stuff.  It looks like the menu for Big Brother’s wedding will now include not only Bulgogi (the really delicious Korean barbequed beef), but also Samgyeopsal, which is grilled pork belly.  They both sound delicious, but I’m feeling a little nervous about making these for the first time on standard American charcoal grills, which don’t look at all like the grills most of the websites show them being prepared on.  So we might have to have a small trial run.  I’ll keep you posted.

And now, it’s a beautiful day, and it’s time to sew a bridesmaid dress!