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Sunday afternoon I finally got out for my first walk in my new training program.  It was a beautiful afternoon, even if it wasn’t nearly as warm as the bright sunshine made it look.  I had decided to start small with my one mile route, but when I got down by the river, it was so beautiful I didn’t want to stop.  So I kept going down along the river, stopping to take pictures of the gorgeous view, of the sunlight reflected off the water onto the underside of the highway overpass, of interesting graffiti.  I knew that this was making the walk take twice as long as it should, but I didn’t care.  After a while I climbed a convenient set of steps set into the dike, and started making my way back home.  I prayed a rosary as I walked, and felt myself relax into the walk as my muscles warmed up and loosened.  It was peaceful, walking by myself in the sunshine, stopping to take a picture of a picturesque tangle of bare vines on a fence, making short detours to look at interesting things, or that apartment house tucked in beside the highway that I’ve always found fascinating.  And then I was home again, feeling even more rested than I did before I set out.  It was a good walk, hopefully the first of many.

All in all, it was a good weekend.  I started out with dinner at The Family Homestead.  Sae and Mr. T were up from Cincinnati, and had brought Fleur with them.  I was able to show Fleur the start I’ve made on her First Communion shawl (we changed it from the veil I initially planned to knit).  I had decided to knit another Swallowtail shawl, and Fleur enthusiastically approved my choice.  She made her father come see what I’d done, and sat beside me for quite a while, happily rubbing the ball of yarn I was knitting from against her cheek to feel how soft it was.

Saturday morning started with a meeting, after which I headed home to figure out what I needed to do this weekend.  I had originally planned to meet up with The Girl Next Door, Bishop, and some others to go grocery shopping.  Our Catholic Life group was scheduled to make breakfast for the men at the St. Vincent de Paul Gettysburg Gateway for Men (a homeless shelter), and we needed to lay in a few supplies.  However, when I took a better look at everything that needed to be done, I realized that I had other things that I should be doing.  So I stayed home in order to, among other things, work on the budget for Big Brother’s wedding.  So I did that instead.

Later on I got cleaned up and headed out to Sake to meet up with more friends from CL.  We had sixteen people all gathered around the big tabletop grills.  Afterwards most of us headed over to Julia’s for the Saturday Night Dance Mix that they also broadcast on Mix 107.7.  We had been planning this trip for a long time, ever since the night after our first sledding expedition when someone turned on the radio and we ended up listening to 107.7.  Fitz said that we needed to go there and see this for ourselves, so we picked a night and went.

It was, frankly, pretty awesome.  In the event description I told people that it would be like the dancing you do at weddings, when the DJ plays all the good songs from the 80s and 90s and some more recent stuff, and everyone stands in a big circle and dances like a fool, and no one cares because that’s what everyone’s doing.  And it really was like that.  We did bring the median age of the room down significantly just by being there, but it was so much fun, it didn’t matter.  Special props go out to Bishop for his air guitar solo on Kiss’s Rock & Roll All Night, and to Fitz for his attempt to cha cha during Smooth (alas, it didn’t go far since neither one of us could quite remember the footwork).

We left a little after midnight, telling each other that we would see them in a few hours.  I headed home for a few hours of sleep before getting up again at 4:30 to meet The Girl Next Door to head out to the homeless shelter.  We started serving breakfast at 6am, and though there was some anxiety over whether we’d have enough (we had been told to prepare for 100 men, but when we got there we discovered that there were actually 198 guys waiting to be fed), there turned out to be more than enough.  (Hurrah for overpeparing!)

We were done about 7am, and after cleaning up we headed down to Emmanuel for Mass.  I am a little embarrassed to admit that I fell asleep during the sermon.  What can I say?  The priest’s voice was very soothing.  Plus, I wasn’t the only one fighting to keep her eyes open!  When Mass was done we adjourned to The Brunch Club for breakfast.  Filling our stomaches with good food made us even sleepier, but it was a happy group that said good-bye in the parking lot.  When I got home I didn’t even make it up to my bed, but crashed on the loveseat in the living room.  And my roommates, God bless them!, didn’t wake me up, but sweetly tiptoed through the downstairs the rest of the morning and into the afternoon to keep from waking me up.

And when I woke up, I went for a walk.