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The lovely warm Spring weather we’d been enjoying has suddenly turned bleak and cold on us again, and I have been turning correspondingly meditative.  Life has been moving so quickly lately, I feel like I haven’t had time to appreciate the view as it rushes by.  And then, if I start thinking about everything that has to happen in the next few months, my head starts experiencing a rather different sort of rushing, which is much less pleasant.  So this afternoon I’m doing my best to exist in the moment.  And in this moment, these are the things I’ve been thinking of:

First, I’ve got Danny Boy stuck in my head.  You can thank the Celtic Tenors for that.  Watch this video of them singing it, and you can have it stuck in your head too!

Second, my Fantasy Baseball League has started!  You may be very surprised to hear that I’m doing a Fantasy Baseball League, particularly since in general I mostly enjoy baseball games as nice occasions for outdoor knitting (I mean, they bring the beer right to  your seat!).  I was pretty surprised myself.  However, a guy I know from swing dancing down in Cincinnati decided to start a swing dancers league, and I decided to give it a try.  From the start I declared that I knew next to nothing about baseball, and that I fully intended to base my lineup on the relative hotness of the players and/or how interesting or amusing their names were.  However, this meant that I had to actually find out what these guys look like, so I’ve been having a lot of fun since the draft picks were announced checking out the names on my roster and deciding who I like best.  So far my favorite is my catcher, Mike Napoli.  And then I’ve got Rickie Weeks at Second Base, and total cutie Ryan Zimmerman (who, alas, is on the bench due to a groin injury).  There’s also Asdrubal Cabrera, who isn’t as cute, but has an awesome name, and also makes amazing faces, and Aramis Ramirez, who wins in both the cuteness and the cool name categories.  My team (the Dayton Smackers) has their first matchup against the Albany Newbie Aerials coming up soon – I can’t wait to see what happens!

Third, while I was at the Lord’s Day Supper on Sunday, Fitz (who has a goal of running a marathon in each of the 50 states, and already has 12 under his belt) started talking about getting a CL team together to run a 5K race.  Sweet said she would be up for that, and I said that I’d happily go along and cheer.  However, Fitz did not seem to think that merely cheering would satisfy the level of commitment he was looking for, and told me that I should also run in the race.  I looked at him as if he were totally insane, and did not pursue the subject, but it made me think.  Later on I was talking to AP, who said that he has recently taken up running.  I mentioned Fitz’s suggestion, expecting him to agree with me that this was a crazy idea.  Instead he said something along the lines of, “5K?  Yeah, I bet you could do that.  It’s only about three miles.”

Now, don’t judge me for this, but until then I didn’t actually know how far 5K was, beyond that it sounded like a lot.  And also, I don’t run at all if I can help it.  Running makes various body parts flop up and down in a way that is not only physically uncomfortable, but embarrassing.  Plus, there’s the whole asthma thing.  (So sue me, I’m a fan of being able to breathe, something that vigorous exercise tends to interfere with.)  But AP pointed out that I wouldn’t really be running the whole way, just running a little and then walking for rest breaks and then running a little more.  And if I took my medication faithfully before I ran, hopefully the asthma wouldn’t be a problem.  And little by little I started thinking that perhaps, if I worked my way up to it, maybe I could run a 5K.  The idea grew on me, until this afternoon I found myself mapping out various 1 mile, 2 mile, and 3 mile routes on MapMyWalk.com.  I figure that I could maybe start out walking, and begin with one mile, and when I was comfortable with that, up it to two, and then three, and then maybe start running part of the route, and go from there.  So far all I’ve done is print out the maps I made, so I haven’t progressed to actually putting any of this into practice, but you never know.  I just might.

Fourth, I have been thinking more about time management.  I mean, having a very full social schedule lately has been great, but it hasn’t left me a whole lot of time for, say, sewing a bridesmaid dress, or planning my brother’s wedding.  There’s a long list of stuff that must be done before that crucial week between May 28 and June 5, plus an awful lot of other stuff I want to do as well, like plant a garden, help out with Mai’s wedding, and, well, having a life.  This means that I’m going to have to be a lot more disciplined about how I use my time.  So, you know, I’m working on that.  Of course, there’s the difference between good intentions and the temptations of the moment.  For example, on Friday there are, I think, four things competing for my time.  First (and the winner, of course) is the Big Family Dinner in honor of AP being home on Spring Break, but then there’s the expedition Bishop is planning to a special Feast of The Annunciation Mass in Cincinnati, another gathering another friend is planning, plus a Night Hike and Shenanigans afterwards out at Fitz’s arboretum.

Now, the sensible thing to do would be to have dinner with my family, and then go peaceably home to go to bed early and/or work on the forty or fifty jobs that are waiting for me there.  After all, it’s not like I’m not going to see that group of friends this weekend, since we’re getting together Saturday to go dancing.  But what I really want to do is to have dinner with my family, and then get in my car and drive to Indiana to take part in the Shenanigans after the Night Hike (Johnnycakes said he wanted to come too, which would make it extra awesome).  And no matter how much I try to scold myself into a semblance of sense, it’s still what I want to do.  Actually, what I think will happen is that, with so many other things going on, the Shenanigans will probably get cancelled, or at least drastically scaled down, and then my dilemma will disappear.  But for now, well, we’ll have to wait and see.