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I do believe I promised you pictures, didn’t I…

This is what we saw when we arrived at the Arboretum.  I guess Fitz wasn’t taking any chances on anyone getting lost!

We had stopped at the party store on the way to buy balloons, and there happened to be Irish princess tiaras on sale.  So, you know, what else could we do?  It was clearly our destiny to wear them in the parade!  Well, Florence and I will anyway.  Sadly, Sweet and Little J aren’t going to be riding with us.

Grace was already hard at work inside painting the bed of the float.

The giant shamrock was almost ready to assemble.

Flo and Little J got started on that…

While Fitz helped me set up a sewing table, and I got to work on the St. Patrick costume.

After a little while, Fit’s dad came down to check out all the activity, and I got him to try on the finished parts of the costume.  The crozier is actually one of those metal hooks you use to hang baskets in the garden, spray painted gold.  The guy who carries it in the parade is definitely going to get a workout!

Before we knew it, it was time to add the giant shamrock to the float!  This is The Hat and Fred hoisting it into place.

Meanwhile, Flo is thinking that what this float really needs is balloons.  Lots of balloons.

Good thing we just happen to have a few on hand.

And before you know it, we’ve got a balloon arch!

Meanwhile, the shamrock has run into trouble.  The base isn’t stable enough to bear the weight, and the whole thing is dangerously tippy.  Fitz deeply considers the issue…

And decides that what we need are screws.

Lots of screws.

Plus taking the shamrock off to reconfigure the base.

Which includes even more screws, underneath the float this time.

Meanwhile, Flo decides to practice looking regal.  Unfortunately, she keeps laughing, which is fun, but not regal.

It takes a while, but eventually it takes.  At least long enough for me to take the picture!

Installing the shamrock, take 2.

It’s working!  It’s working!

A man and his shamrock, together at last.

Now all we have to do is take it for a trial run…

And then we can eat!  Woohoo!

Tomorrow’s the big parade!  It’s going to be awesome!