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You know, if I could dance like anyone on earth, it would be Gene Kelly.  I’ve always thought he was wonderful.  When I was a kid my parents would show us all these old Hollywood musicals from the 40s and 50s – Singin’ In The Rain, Cover Girl, others – and he had quite an impact on my impressionable young mind.  I think a big part of why I wanted for years to learn how to dance, and then finally did, was because I wanted to be able to dance like the people I saw in those movies.  Apparently, he made an impact on Christopher Walken too.  Here he is talking about Gene Kelly – it’s a little long, but you should watch it all:

And then, if you’d like to see a little bit more of the great Gene Kelly, check out this video.  It’s a chunk from the movie Du Barry Was A Lady.  It’s not a great movie in itself, being mostly a vehicle for Lucille Ball that doesn’t actually allow her to be funny, but it does have this gorgeous fifteen seconds when Gene Kelly tap dances happiness.  It’s from 6:03 to 6:18.  The musical number afterwards is pretty good (that’s Tommy Dorsey and his band playing behind him), and I wouldn’t bother watching the rest of the movie, but those fifteen seconds – pure magic.