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Sometimes enough light is just enough to show you…

The prettiness that is Sae’s veil.

I just love how this is turning out.    This is the chainlink selvedge that will frame Sae’s face.

The pattern is Torreyana from Knitty, and the yarn is laceweight baby angora from Kaleidescope Fibers.  Now that I’ve got the top half knit, I’ll pick up all the stitches in the middle and knit a deep border.  And then we’ll be done.  However, this isn’t the only thing I’ve been working on.

This is the second pair of color work mittens I’ve finished.  After we went sledding in January I realized that I really needed some warmer stuff for my hands.  I was working on some Owly mittens for The Young Queen, but I wasn’t sure about how they were turning out, so I was ready to get distracted by another project.  And then SpillyJane, the designer, published the free pattern for the Camilla mittens, and announced that whoever sent her a picture of their completed mittens by February 28 could have one pattern of their choice from her pattern shop for free.  And how could I resist that?

I knit the last stitch while I was at Catholic Life last Thursday.  Grace, who was sitting next to me, had to try them on right away, and we immediately started an impromptu photo session right there in Panera while the rest of the group was doing introductions.  It was rather awesome.

My favorite part is the stripey thumbs.  They just make me happy.  The yarn is KnitPicks Stroll Tonal in Royalty and KnitPicks Bare fingering.  The true, deep, purple-y goodness of the color isn’t really coming through in the photos, but be assured, it really is purple, not deep blue.  The pattern is Camilla from SpillyJane.

However, I think I may not keep these mittens after all.  You see, when a couple gets married in Korea, one of the customs is that on the night before the wedding, the groom’s family sends a box of presents to the bride’s family.  These presents are a big deal, and are usually quite valuable.  We can’t afford to send a lot of expensive presents (just sending our parents to be there will be about as much as we can manage), but we thought perhaps we could put together a box of some of the beautiful things we make.  So I think these mittens might be one of my contributions to the box.  However, this is not as much of a sacrifice as it sounds, because I’ve started work on these:

I first saw this pattern last summer on The Yarn Harlot’s blog, and must have added it to my Ravelry favorites then.  A little while ago when I was looking at the many gorgeous colorwork mitten patterns, I saw it again and fell in love.

The pattern is called La Joie du Printemps (The Joy of Springtime for non-French speakers), and the colored yarn is Socks That Rock Mediumweight from Blue MoonFiber Arts, and the color is called Grandma’s Flower Garden.  The white is the same KnitPicks Bare from my Camilla mittens.  I love how the colors and the pattern work together, so that the mittens really do look like a whole garden full of spring flowers.

I particularly love the little ladder that goes up each side of the mitten.  You can really see how the yarn changes colors, like little panes of a stained glass window in the white frame.  So pretty.