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My friends, there is so much weddingness going around!  On Friday I hit the halfway mark on Sae’s veil (I’ll post pictures on Wednesday if I can get some sunlight to take them).  Indy has been working hard putting the finishing touches on Sae’s invitations.  They’re getting printed this week so we can assemble and address them on Friday.  Mariah has been working with Aunt S to schedule Sae’s bridal shower, and Indy is working on the invitation art for that too.  We’re about three months out (oh God.  Three months), but so far it looks like everything is coming along just as it should.

However, there’s another wedding, one week after Sae’s, that I just started on.  Granted, I’ve made a lot of progress in the week or so I’ve had to work on it.  We have the church scheduled (Corpus Christi, just like Sae’s), and today I was able to reserve the reception venue.  When I was talking with Big Brother about what he would like, he had suggested a park, and talked about how much he loves the big family brunches we have for birthdays.  On Saturday I went down to Island Park, the little gem of a park maybe five minutes away from where we live, and took a look around.  The park itself is beautiful, surrounded on both sides by the Stillwater and Great Miami rivers.  There are willows leaning over the water, and a band shell built in 1940.  There are several shelters that would do well, but the one I liked best was the one at the back of the island, farthest from the parking lot.  It has electricity, water, and two large grills we could cook out on if we wanted.  Plus, it would look so beautiful with the kind of decorations I have in mind.  Today I called, and was able to reserve it.  The best part?  It’s free.  We have to put down a small security deposit (which will be refunded once our event is over), and we’re going to hire a security guard to help our guests feel safer (it’s not in a very nice part of town), but even then it’s hundreds of dollars cheaper than the cheapest indoor venue we were able to find.

My next challenge is getting a priest to say Mass for us.  It won’t actually be a wedding, since Big Brother and Sunny will be getting married in Korea before they come to the US for Sae’s wedding, but we want to have a special Mass all together at which BB and Sunny will renew their vows.  I’ve called Fr. Jim, who was our pastor for a long time.  He is still loved by many of us in our community.  I’ll never forget how he visited us in the hospital when my brother Jacob was dieing. It was late at night, at the end of a very long day for him, and you could see he was tired.  Still, he was there to help however he could.  The doctors had just come in and said that they wanted to talk about putting a DNR order on Jacob, and my parents had to make the decision whether to do it then or to wait for the official verdict from the neurologist.  I remember sitting with my brother, waiting and praying while my parents, Fr. Jim, and the doctors talked in another room for a long time.  I don’t know what they said then, but I know that when my parents came back to the hospital room, their faces were peaceful.  Since he was there for us in such a great way at such a sorrowful time, we would like him to be with us at the joyful time too.  I haven’t been able to get in touch with him yet, but hopefully we’ll connect in the next few days, and perhaps things will be settled.

Once the priest is on board, we can finalize the time of the marriage Mass, and then we can do the invitations.  There isn’t enough time for the kind of artwork that will go into Sae’s invitations, but still I’m hoping to be able to put together something nice.  AnniPotts has said that she wants to help with this too, so hopefully I’ll be able to coordinate with her on it.  Once the invitations are out, we can move on to the fun stuff, like pretty decorations.

Beyond the wedding stuff, life has been pretty good.  On Saturday Grace took advantage of the last of the good weather to have a bonfire.  It was a great night for it.  The stars were out in force, and the moon was so beautiful rising over the ridge behind Grace’s house.  It was a bit cold, but the fire was very hot, and it worked.  We had a good group of people, mostly friends from our Catholic Life group, plus Grace’s brother Captain Amazing and a few others.  Johnnycakes came out with me too, which was fun.  At one point some of us girls started singing Disney tunes, and you know how it is – you can never sing just one.  The guys were a little left out of this, so after a while I started trying to brainstorm manly tunes with Johnnycakes so that they could join in the fun too.  We came up with The Ramblin’ Rover, and then Johnnycakes gave us Why Paddy’s Not At Work Today.  It was great.