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So you may have noticed that it’s really cold outside.  It’s making me feel a little nostalgic for last Saturday, when it was also cold, but the cold was a lot more fun.

Picture by JW

For example, snow golf.  It sounds ridiculous, but it ended up being the really good kind of ridiculous.

Picture by JW

And then there was the tree hugging.  This may possibly be the cutest picture of me ever taken.  Florence looks pretty adorable too.  No wonder the tree is so happy!

Picture by JW

Here’s all of us at the end of a long, cold, fun day.  From left to right it’s The Hat, Fitz, our friend who just returned from the desert, our lovely photographer, Emmanuel, Florence, and myself.

It occurs to me that I had a Wordless Wednesday post this time last year on the topic of being cold, and thinking about warm things.  You can find it here.