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Oh, my dears, I am so sleepy today!  It was a great weekend, packed full of lovely things, but today I wish they had nap facilities at my work, maybe a comfy couch in the break room, tucked between the pop machine and the bookcase of everyone’s discarded paperbacks.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  I swear I wouldn’t abuse it, really!  Sigh.

The weekend started off fairly quietly.  I stayed at home Friday night (quite often by the time I get to the weekend I’m really, really ready to have a quiet night at home), did laundry and some chores, and watched a really sweet movie titled Bread and Tulips.  Saturday I was up early for a meeting, then First Saturday Women’s Group, then home to put on warm things, and then sledding, this time at Englewood Metropark.  Of course, it wasn’t just sledding, but snowshoeing (not nearly as hard as I’d anticipated), snow-golfing, and getting warm in between around the fire Fitz had built next to the park shelter he stocked with a small gas stove, kettle of water, tea, hot chocolate, and all manner of other warming things.  Oh, and a boom box for music too.  (Why, yes, Fitz was a Boy Scout.  Why do you ask?)

The sledding itself was really fun.  The hill at Englewood is great – just long enough, with a dip at the bottom and hay bales for safe landings.  The layer of ice left from the ice storms earlier in the week meant that the sleds really flew.  Plus, it was snowing Saturday afternoon, which frosted the trees surrounding the slope with white, making it look like we were in a Christmas card.  It was so beautiful, like a scene from one of those magical Christmas movie montages where everyone is rosy-cheeked and laughing, and life is good.  Our group was smaller this time, though we were delightfully surprised by the arrival of one of our friends who had just arrived home from the Middle East the night before.  We hadn’t seen him in months, so it was thrilling that he was willing to brave the snow (after months of desert) to be with us.  

We packed up as the light was starting to fade, and headed out.  I had a little grocery shopping to do, and then headed home, still very cold.  When I got home, it seemed to take me forever to really warm up.  Even after I was changed into completely dry clothes, I still couldn’t really get warm.  I finally had to put on long johns, a t-shirt, and a sweatshirt on top, plus fleece pants, wool socks, and a wool skirt, and then cocoon myself in multiple blankets to stop shivering.  I think it took a couple of hours before I could emerge from my pile of warmth.  The unfortunate effect of this is that I had planned to use Saturday evening to sew Fleur’s birthday present (a pair of khakis and a white peasant blouse for her doll), but instead I spent the time shivering.  So Fleur will have to wait a little longer for her birthday present.

Sunday I went to Mass with Rosie and Indy, and then immediately straight to the Family Homestead for the Birthday Brunch.  This time we had three birthdays to celebrate: The Absent-Minded Professor, Mr. T, and Fleur.  When I got there, Mom told me the very exciting news that we were going to have another Family wedding this summer.  Big Brother had finally proposed to his Korean sweetheart (he’s been teetering on the brink of proposing for days, well, weeks now) and was accepted!  I know some of you will be very surprised to hear that he even has a Korean sweetheart, since he’s been doing his best to keep things rather quiet.  However, he has had one (a very sweet young woman who doesn’t have a nickname yet), and now has a Korean fiancée.  Consequently, we’re going to have, not one Family Wedding this summer, but two!

Right now it looks like Big Brother will actually get married a few weeks (a month?) before Sae’s wedding in Korea (visas are much easier to arrange when you’re actually married to each other) and have a renewal of vows followed by a reception here in Dayton.  The latest I heard, this was going to be the weekend after Sae’s wedding.  So, you know, life is going to be a little nuts this Spring.  I say bring it on, as long as it doesn’t interfere with me going to the Chicago Blues Festival.  I have a feeling that after two weddings in two weeks, I’m going to be more than ready for a weekend of bluesy goodness!

After the Birthday Brunch (which was very nice), I headed home, grabbed the ingredients for Armadillo Eggs, and headed off to Florence’s house to watch the Superbowl with my CL friends.  I’m afraid I didn’t pay much attention to the first half (I was getting the eggs assembled into the oven), but I had a great time hanging out in the kitchen with Florence and Sweet.  As soon as the eggs came out of the oven I took up my spot on the couch between The Secretary General and PM, and thoroughly enjoyed the rest of the game.  (Yes, even the halftime show.  Really.)  Then came the long drive home, watching the last third of Glee, and finally falling over into bed.

I need a nap.