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This Christmas, Indy and Sae gave Fleur the most amazing dollhouse.

It was the dollhouse Fleur had had since she was little, but repainted, refurbished, renovated, and decorated by Indy.  This is one of the bedrooms in the attic.  Note the framed pictures of fairies on the wall, and the flowers Indy painted on the bedstead.  Also, that little golden oval over the bed is a framed picture of the Virgin Mary (it’s a Catholic dollhouse, of course).

This is a view of the rest of the room, including the little chair painted to match the bed.  The little pillows on the bed and chair are both squares of embroidery cut from a vintage handkerchief, backed in pink velvet.

This is the other bedroom on the top floor, with furniture also painted by Indy.  It’s a little hard to see, but that’s an alligator on a lily pad on the chest.

Here you can see the mural Indy painted on the bedroom wall.

When you go down the stairs, you find this little closet, which opens to show…

A mop and bucket, and (a little blurry) a tiny mouse.  Fleur loves the mouse.

On one side of the second floor is the parents’ bedroom.  The furniture was painted by Indy, who also sewed all the bed linens.  Those pillowcases actually come off.  So does the fitted sheet.

I love that little cradle.

On the other side of the stairs is the bathroom.  In the foreground you can see some of the tiny stuffed animals Indy has been making for the children’s rooms.  In the front is a tiny dauschund, and in the back is the cutest hippo you ever saw.  I also love the big seaside picture Indy framed to go over the bath tub.

Indy is extremely proud of the tiny glass shelf over the sink.  I think it’s pretty awesome too.

Downstairs we have the cheerful red and white kitchen.  I love the picture on the wall, and the plants in the bay window.  Indy painted the table to match the wallpaper.

Here’s a better look at it.

On the other side is the living room.  Indy made the chandelier from a vintage rhinestone brooch, and the curtains from a vintage handkerchief.  The golden cross shaped thing on the wall is a picture of the Sacred Heart.

These are the pictures Indy has framed on the near side of the window.  There’s also a plant that goes on the table in front of the window, but I can’t find the picture I took of it.

Pretty sweet dollhouse.