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It seems like the last few days have been full of announcements, mostly happy ones.  First it was The Beautiful T telling me the ridiculously good news that she and MDoS are expecting a little mini-MDoS (or they might get lucky and have a mini-Beautiful T – either way the kid is going to be tall) in July.  All I can say is “Woooohooooo!” The Beautiful T and MDoS are two of my favorite people, so the fact that they’re bringing progeny into the world is kind of awesome.  Plus, it’s going to be hilarious watching MDoS change diapers.  And attempt to discipline the child.  The Beautiful T has little brothers and sisters, so she knows how babies work.  MDoS is an only child with almost no exposure to Little People whatsoever.  So watching him become a parent in general is going to be awesome.  And very, very entertaining.  This also led to me spending way too much time this afternoon perusing the back issues of Petite Purls looking at way too many adorably cute knits for babies and small children.  I mean, I may have sworn off baby blankets, but that doesn’t mean I can’t knit ridiculously cute little sweaters, and mittens, and hats, and maybe even a small bear.  Except, well, we’ll get to that later…

The other really cool announcement came when I walked into my Catholic young adult group.  One was sitting in the corner next to his sweetheart.  He’s rarely out of arms length from her, so this wasn’t unusual, but the almost incandescent glow of hyper-excited, slightly smug bliss radiating from him was new.  I barely had time to say hi before he burst out, “Guess our big announcement!” I looked at his girlfriend’s hand, which was invisible since she was busy trying to find something at the bottom of her purse.  I hardly had time to admit I didn’t know when he jumped in with “Two and I are engaged!” I laughed and admitted that I had thought perhaps that was it, but since I couldn’t see the hand…  At that point Two realized that her boyfriend fiancee was talking about her, looked up, blushed, and brought her hand out of her purse so that I could admire the sparkler adorning it.  The whole thing was really very cute, and something that makes me very happy.  I’ve known One for some years now, and I know how much this means to him.  The two of them are very good for each other, the kind of couple that just makes me smile.

On the not so good side, on New Years Day several of us in the family got texts from our friends in DC, Crafty Minx and her husband, asking us to pray for an unspecified intention.  We prayed accordingly, and a few days later got word on what it was all about.  It seems that their youngest son had fallen and hit his head, and it seemed serious enough to warrant an ER visit.  There they discovered that, although the fall hadn’t damaged anything, he has a small lesion on his brain (unrelated to the fall).  They won’t know until further doctor visits next week what this means, whether there might be a tumor involved, or if it indicates the presence of another condition.  This is very upsetting news, and their family could really use all of your prayers right now.

For myself, well, you know that post-holiday stress release you’re supposed to get?  That feeling of relief when you realize that the tumult of the holidays is over, that you’ve done everything you were supposed to do (or are irretrievably past trying), that there are no more demands on your time and money for a while, that you can relax and take a deep breath and move into the new year?  Yeah, I never got that.  I went straight from Christmas to pulling an all nighter to finish my family presents, to more family parties, to putting on the Family New Years Day party.  And now it’s a week later (well, a work week anyway), the house is still wrecked from the holidays, there is still Christmas knitting to be done (presents for people overseas, etc.), plus the knitting projects I put off until after Christmas (coughweddingveilcough), plus I’ve got company coming tomorrow and I’m really, really not ready.  And then there’s a certain Anniversary looming next week, and I don’t really want to think about it, but I know I have to because all of my classic stress/grief symptoms are starting to crop up.  Insomnia, forgetfulness, misspelling totally easy words (you don’t want to know how many times spell-check has saved my butt on this sentence alone), also my readiness to get instantly really ticked off given the right provocation, which includes a tendency to drop the F-bomb in casual conversation (this is the real red flag).  And yeah, I know it’s all going to be ok.  The projects will get done, 14 doesn’t care if my house is messy, Anniversaries pass, all these things will ease and sooner or later I won’t need spell-check so badly.  But for now, well, I guess what I’m saying is that I could use some prayers too.