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I think this is going to be another one of those links posts, mostly because I’m doing my darndest to fight off the flu (various family members have not been so successful), and I can’t think of anything fresh, witty, and amusing to write.  There’s no way I’m going to do one of those year prediction posts (mostly because I have proved so spectacularly wrong before), and every time I try to sum up 2010 I end up with, “Well, it was a year” and that’s not interesting at all.  In some ways it feels like my life hasn’t changed very much.  True, I’m living in a different place (and it’s been great living with Rosie and Johnnycakes), but I’m still working the same job that doesn’t really pay the bills, still looking for work, still have pretty much the same group of friends.  Most of the change seems to have happened to other people.  Johnnycakes started dating, Rosie went back to school, Sae got engaged, The Duchess moved to Philadelphia, Boy-O graduated.  Or maybe it’s just that my changes were quieter ones: I started sewing again, and lost a little weight.  I started wearing makeup, a decision I still struggle with.  And then there are all the things that didn’t happen.  I didn’t get any of the jobs I went for.  I didn’t start dating anyone.  I didn’t figure out a way to pay off my student loans.  There’s more, but it’s too depressing, and I refuse to start off a new year by obsessing about all the things that went wrong in the year before.  2010 is done, and we’re moving on.

So in order to help us start the year off on the right foot, here are a few things I’m finding interesting or funny or awesome these days:

  • Dave Barry’s Year In Review!  I was reading this last night, and first I started laughing out loud, and then I started reading bits to Johnnycakes, and then he was laughing too, and it was awesome.
  • And speaking of hilarious, there’s Raising Hope, currently my favorite tv show of all time.  Hilariously absurd dialogue, a killer cast, a pro-life message (it features both a single parent raising a baby after the baby’s mother rejected abortion and a family caring for an elderly grandmother with dementia), and a ridiculously cute baby.  It’s so funny that when I was watching some old episodes on Hulu last night, Johnnycakes was laughing out loud just from listening to the dialogue from across the room.
  • An important reminder of the necessity for compassion.
  • A really cool map of American English Dialects.  Apparently Dayton and Cincinnati are part of a linguistic island.  Who knew?
  • A beautiful 18th century doll.
  • A Thought About Being On Fire by The Fabulous Lorraine, complete with poetry by G.K. Chesterton
  • How do you make an old joke even better?  By adding Robert Downey Jr.!

Also, I should tell you that our Big Family New Years Day party went very well, including me getting to show Dr. Horrible to most of my family, most of whom were seeing it for the first time.  And then AnniPotts had to go upstairs and pack her bags to go back to Texas, and the holidays were over.  Sigh.