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I stayed up all night knitting until my fingers ached to do it, but I got my Christmas presents done!

Mostly it was a lot of hats.  This is Sae and Fleur modeling theirs for us.  Well, Sae is modeling hers.  Fleur is wearing the hat I knit for her father, Mr. T.  She stole it from him as soon as the present unwrapping was done, and wore it for the rest of the day.

Here’s Mr. T wearing it before Fleur snatched it away, with Boy-O looking ready for a nap in the Griflet I knit for him.  It came out kinda large for him, so I think there will be some felting in its future.

This, however, was the hat I was most excited about.  It’s just about killed me not to blog about it, because it’s possibly the geekiest thing I’ve ever knit.  It has three levels of Geek, the first being the general I-am-a-knitting-geek level, the second being that it is designed by a paleontologist, and those are trilobites knit onto the sides.  But the third level is what takes the cake.  You see, those are golden trilobites, which happen to be the emblem for Agatha Heterodyne, the main character of Girl Genius, a comic book that both The Absent-Minded Professor and I are huge fans of.  However, we’re not the only fans…

Mariah’s actually the one who got us all hooked on it.  So she needed to have one too.

This is a better look at those trilobites.  Aren’t they awfully cool?

And then AnniPotts needed to have one too.  Doesn’t it coordinate beautifully with her Christmas sweater?  It used to belong to my grandmother, and AnniPotts wears it faithfully every Christmas.  Also, it looks like Boy-O wasn’t the only one who needed a nap after all that strenuous unwrapping.  That’s my dad about to fall asleep on AnniPotts’s shoulder.

Not everyone got hats.  This is The Duchess wearing her cabled neck warmer.  I particularly love the gorgeous button I found for it.

And here she is letting her neck get cold just so I could get a better picture of the cable pattern.  Isn’t it purty?  I made it up myself!

That’s just the tip of the Christmas gift iceberg (we’ve got both Fleur’s Christmas doll and Fleur’s dollhouse to go), but I think that’s quite enough for one day!