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It’s been a quiet day today.  There are only a handful of us at work.  The main sound you hear is the constant white noise of the heaters pushing warm air out of their vents.  One of the other admins brought in two crock pots full of meatballs, and my boss has told me that I can go home an hour early.  I’m very grateful for that.  Tomorrow is Family Gift-Giving Day, and I’ve got one hat, a neckwarmer, and some doll clothes to finish before then.  The hat is almost done.  I knit most of it last night while I was at Tanks celebrating Mick’s birthday (God bless the man whose birthday is the day after Christmas), so I’m not too worried about that.  The neckwarmer, however, still consists of two balls of yarn sitting in a shopping bag, and while I’m pretty sure I know where the fabric I planned to sew the doll clothes from is stashed, I’m not totally sure it will be there when I look.  On the plus side, the extended family gathering that had been scheduled for tonight has been cancelled.  First Aunt C wasn’t able to get here in time on account of the snow clogging things up all over the East Coast, and now both Aunt and Uncle S have come down with the stomach flu.  So far that gathering has been tentatively rescheduled for Thursday, and I’ll have all night to Get Things Done.

It’s been a lovely Christmas so far, though Christmas for me is far from over.  We got to have Mr. T with us for both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (courtesy of the threat of bad weather, and a family gathering for the other side of his family that was also cancelled by sickness).  I think it’s the first time we’ve had someone new with us when we did stockings.  I had Boy-O’s stocking this year, and had so much fun picking out fleece pajama pants (I also happened to buy a pair for myself – so warm!), and framing a picture of Tina Fey for him.  He’s got a Thing for her, which I want to encourage, since it makes it more likely that he’ll bring home a really fun sister-in-law one of these years.  The Duchess had me, and got me lots of lovely little things with my initial on them, and a whole pound of cinnamon flavored coffee which I’ve been enjoying.  The best gift of Christmas Day, however, was from Lucy and her husband.  When I was checking my e-mail Christmas morning I found a message from them saying that they had bought me two flocks of geese from Heifer International!  I was so thrilled I squealed, and then went into the kitchen to tell everyone there.  They sortof smiled at me indulgently and said that was very nice, dear, and then went on with fixing Christmas breakfast.  But it was still awesome.

Also this Christmas, I’ve gotten a couple of blogging presents, which is a new experience for me.  Well, not entirely new, but it’s still a little startling every time I’m reminded that real people actually do read the things I write and send out into the vast gaping void of the internet.  The first was receiving a package out of the blue from one of my Aunts on my mothers side.  I couldn’t imagine what she was sending me, but when I opened the envelope it was a very sweet package, which she described in the accompanying letter as a thank-you for my blogging.  She had some cute Christmas gift bags she made herself, a placemat, and a copy of Giant, which she thought I would like since I’d enjoyed Cat On A Hot Tin Roof so much.  It was a lovely surprise!  And then on Christmas evening I met Lucy, my favorite cousin-in-law, at Aunt B’s house.  She asked me if Johnnycakes had given me the message.  I looked confused, so she elaborated.  It seems that her mother, who is a devoted reader of this blog, wanted to know how Sae and Mr. T met, and is willing to bribe me with tubs of Christmas cookies to find out.  So she had sent me a tub, care of Johnnycakes, and even gave him his own tub so that he would not eat mine before it got to me.  This, my dears, is devotion!  And, Lucy’s Mom, you will have your story, as soon as I winkle all the details out of Sae and Mr. T.  The short version is that they met through a Catholic online dating service.  Sae decided to take a chance on online dating, filled out her profile, started talking to Mr. T the first day her profile went live, had her first date with him less than a week later, and the rest is history.  But there’s much more to it than that, and Christmas cookies definitely deserve the full story.  So I’ll have that for you soon.

And now, my dears, I must go knit some more!