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Friday night, I had just posted my last blog post, and was settling in for a quiet evening at home with my ever-present Christmas knitting, and perhaps watching Miracle on 34th Street.  Yes, again.  Then Rosie came downstairs, and started getting ready to go out. “What are you up to tonight?” I asked. “Boy-O and I are going out to the airport to pick up AnniPotts.  You wanna come?” I have to admit I squealed.  “AnniPotts at the airport!  Of course I’m coming!” Which is how I spent my Friday evening, not knitting quietly at home, but knitting in a busy airport watching the departures hallway anxiously for the first glimpse of AnniPotts.  It reminded me of the airport scenes in Love Actually, and of the video of the flash mob at Heathrow, and of meeting 14 when he came home from Afghanistan.  It was so, so good to see AnniPotts – I definitely miss her when she is so far away!

Saturday I spent cleaning (the kitchen and bathroom – they sparkle!) and then cleaned myself up and headed off to Swing Snark and Lone Wolf’s house for their annual Christmas bash.  It was a good time.  I discovered that Diet Coke + Godiva Chocolate Liquer may not look pretty, but it tastes really, really good.  Like an alcoholic egg cream.  Diet Coke + Chocolate vodka also tastes very, very good, and also looks pretty.  Everyone had a very good time, and although we didn’t get Long John to dance in a cape, he managed to entertain us anyway.  When I came home, Rosie and Cinder were on the couch watching a horror movie from New Zealand about attack sheep which was both hilarious, and really gross.  I declined to stay for more than a little of the movie, and headed upstairs to sleep the sleep of the just.

The next morning(ish) when I woke up, Cinder was still there, now fast asleep on the loveseat.  I didn’t mind at all until I realized that if I wanted coffee (and I really wanted coffee) I was going to have to grind some since we only had a tablespoon or so of the ground stuff left in the house.  Our coffee grinder is really loud, and the kitchen is maybe twenty feet away from where Cinder was sleeping.  I couldn’t bring myself to do it.  But I needed coffee.  What to do… Friends on facebook suggested just grinding the coffee anyway, or maybe using my ample bosom to muffle the sounds of the grinding (suggested by another amply bosomed woman).  I was considering giving this a try, but before I could put it to the test, Cinder woke up.  I guess I’ll just have to file that away to try another time.

Sunday evening I ended up going to Mass with Rosie and AP (also gloriously home for Christmas).  This particular Mass is always crowded, and we were just barely on time, so we ended up parking in the far lot.  I told Rosie that she should park at the end, near the short cut around the fence.  Rosie wasn’t sure there was a short cut, and I assured her there was.  Only when we got out and headed for the path, I discovered that while there was a short cut, it was across grass (now covered in inches of snow).  I had foolishly assumed that we were enough days past the snow that wherever I needed to go would be shoveled, and wasn’t wearing my boots.  I really, really didn’t want to sit through Mass with freezing wet feet, but it was either that or take the long walk around the other end of the fence.  AP suggested that he give me a piggy-back ride across the snow.  I didn’t like that idea either.  Rosie said, “We could sedan chair you, no problem!” After a little coaxing, she persuaded me, and before I knew it, I had my arms over their shoulders being carried over the snow.  It was kindof awesome.  When they put me down, I felt a little dizzy, and I realized that I’d been holding my breath.

As we walked into Mass, I saw Johnnycakes coming in another door.  He looked across, saw us, gave a little start of surprise, and then quietly came over to join our pew.  Then at the Kiss of Peace I saw that The Lumberjack was in our pew too.  And then later I looked across the aisle and saw ‘Sup Doc and Ducky sitting on the other side.  And after Mass, we were joined by Johnnycakes girlfriend.  So we ended up staying and talking afterwards until they started turning the lights out on us.

I was trying to think of some nice unifying metaphor to tie all these little stories together, but I can’t think of any besides their common timeline.  I think the Christmas knitting is starting to steal my brain cells.  But then, I might as well embrace the random, and give you a few more things to look at.  So have a few links.  Consider it an early Christmas present.  You’re welcome.

And now we knit!