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My friends, I have been waiting to show you this artwork for a long time!  This is the gorgeous illustration Indy did for the back of Sae & Mr. T’s Save The Date postcards.  It’s a modification of the larger illustration she’s been working on for the invitations, and I think it’s so beautiful.  I love how the portraits of Sae & Mr. T seem to capture something of the happiness and tenderness between them, and how the different flowers and foliage all mean something.  We have oak for courage, lilac for purity, lilies for beauty, elegance and sweetness, sunflowers for admiration, tulips for love, chrysanthemums for love and cheerfulness, morning glories for attachment, peonies for devotion, plus forget-me-nots and roses.  Plus the large Easter lily sortof coming from the crook of Mr. T’s arm is to symbolize Fleur, Mr. T’s daughter.

Some of you will be receiving your own copy of this illustration in the mail any day now.  I know because on Sunday several of us gathered over at The Family Homestead to address them and send them out.  Many hands make light work, and between Sae, Mr. T, Indy, Rosie, Mom, Dad and myself, it was done very quickly.  I think Sae had been very stressed about this job, and then was very pleasantly surprised that it was done so easily.  When we were putting things in order afterwards, we discovered that one of the postcards had been stamped, but not addressed, so we decided to send one to Pope Benedict XVI.  And then Mom pointed out that it wouldn’t be polite to invite the Pope if we didn’t invite the Archbishop too (kinda jumping the chain of command and all that).  And I said, “Ooooh!  That would be awesome!  I love Archbishop Schnurr!” So then we had to look up his address too, and before we knew it we had two extra postcards, one for the Pope and one for our Archbishop.  And that is how you know you’re planning a really, really Catholic wedding – when you’re inviting, not only several priests, but also the Pope and your Archbishop.  I would be surprised if either gentleman actually sees them, but I’m enjoying the thought of the look on their secretaries faces.  I doubt we’ll ever hear back from the Pope, but imagine if the Archbishop actually came.  That would be so, so cool!

Also on the topic of the Wedding of Epicness, on Sunday Sae asked me if I would be willing to help her set up a website for the wedding as a sort of information clearing house.  She said I could be the official Wedding Webmistress, so I said yes.  I’m still getting things set up, but if you’d like to check it out in its preliminary stages, you can find it here.

In other news, well, there isn’t much other news.  It was a pretty quiet weekend.  A group of people from my Catholic young adult group were going out Saturday night to see the lights at Clifton Mills, along with other jollity.  I had planned to go along, but my asthma had kicked up so much after shopping with Rosie Saturday afternoon that I decided my evening plans had better involve holding still as much as possible.  So I did that instead.  It was a good idea, I think – my asthma seems to be slowly easing – but it doesn’t make for very interesting blogging.  Perhaps by Wednesday I’ll have a little more to tell…