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I’ve been having a little trouble breathing lately – something about the latest cold snap made my lungs decide that they didn’t want to work properly – which I think is restricting oxygen flow to my brain, making me a little loopy, and also forgetful.  Which is how I find myself at 8:55pm on a Friday night, just now writing today’s blog post.  Well, that and being busy all day with work, and then meeting Ani for coffee, and then having dinner at The Family Homestead, including picking up the now assembled doll Indy and I are giving Fleur for Christmas so that I can get started on knitting it a sweater.  This was followed by heading home, with Boy-O coming along to carry the vacuum cleaner I’m borrowing from Mom & Dad (that whole not breathing so well thing means it’s not really smart for me to try to carry heavy things right now).  When I got home, I opened up the computer, intending only to look up the instructions for knitting a basic top-down raglan sweater.  And then I remembered (again) that I hadn’t posted today.  And then somehow I was playing Farmville on facebook, and then, well, I don’t know what happened, but time just kinda disappeared.  Sigh.  But now I’m (hopefully) back on track again.  We’ll see how long it lasts.

A while ago I got an e-mail from 14, an old friend whom I haven’t seen since he left to join the Jesuits over three years ago.  He’s in St. Louis these days, studying at SLU, and wanted to know if he could come for a visit this January.  I said of course, we would be delighted to see him.  He said that he had to get formal permission from his superior before it would be official, but he didn’t think that would be a problem.  This afternoon he sent me a message that his superior has signed off on the trip, and confirming his arrival and departure times.  I’m looking forward to seeing him a lot.  Once upon a time, 14 was one of my best friends.  A lot has happened since we last saw each other.  It will be good to reconnect with him again.

In other news, I cannot find my Advent Wreath.  This  makes me feel very sad, since I really like my Advent Wreath, and had been looking forward to putting it out.  Plus, as I look through the boxes in search of it I keep finding Christmas stuff which I’m then tempted to put up, even though it’s not Christmas yet.  Already this week I finally had to give in and put up the office Christmas decorations (though they couldn’t make me put Baby Jesus in the manger of the nativity set).  I start telling myself that it would be ok to put up just a few things, since I’ll be too busy decorating the Family Homestead on Christmas Eve to have time to put up my own decorations.  And the greenery I got last week at the Farmers Market looks really pretty on windowsills and in vases around the house (I decided that green things were a symbol of hope, and so acceptable), so maybe a few more Christmas things wouldn’t hurt.  And then I catch myself, and give myself a good mental shake, and just add the latest thing I’ve found to the small pile of boxes accumulating in the corner of the dining room.  I’ll wait until Christmas Eve if it kills me!  But I really wish I could find that Advent Wreath.