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I thought it was about time you guys got a peek at the awesomeness that will be Sae’s wedding veil:

Very impressive, I know.  While to most eyes it mostly looks like about four inches of white blobby stuff, when you spread it out a little…

you can start to see how pretty it really is.  This is the center of the back, where the motifs converge.

This is a little better look at the motif, which is supposed to resemble pinecones.  I don’t see it, myself (though AnniPotts said she could), but I do love the way the nupps plus cables make little rosettes in the fabric.

This is the chainlink selvedge edging that will go all the way up and around the top of the veil, and (hopefully) make a pretty frame for Sae’s lovely face.

I tried to spread it out a little so you could see the design better, but I’m afraid it didn’t entirely work.  Still, it’s darn pretty!

And this is the other white lacey thing I currently have on my needles.  This is my Triggy shawl, which I started knitting in September.  I’m still loving this pattern.

This is the center rosette, with the leaves spreading out from it.  I love how the leaves look layered on top of each other.

You can maybe see it a little easier here.  The lace pattern in between the bands of leaves is so pretty too.  Knitting on this has slowed a lot as I’ve started moving from the lacier band back into the leaves.  It requires paying careful attention to the chart while I’m knitting the long, long repeats (over 80 stitches).  However, light is at the end of the tunnel.  Soon the second band of leaves will be established enough that I don’t have to think about it as hard.  I just have to find the time to get there…