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On Sunday I was having lunch with Grace (actually, it was a Catholic Life Leadership Team meeting that happened to involve brunch at Tank’s), and she asked me how the wedding planning was going.  It occurred to me that this blog has been rather silent about progress on the Wedding of Epicness, so I resolved to correct this.  So to update all of you, the answer is that planning is going along swimmingly.  We have a date (May 28), a church (Corpus Christi), a venue for the reception (Aullwood), and a wedding dress.  This last had been the source of much angst and stress on Sae’s part, and much internet searching and e-mailing of links on Indy’s part, until weekend before last.  Both of them were in Centerville, and passed by a small bridal shop.  “Let’s go in and try some on just to get a better idea of what you’re looking for.” said Indy, and Sae agreed.  There, on the discount rack, waiting for them, at just the right price and just the right size, was Sae’s wedding dress.  And, lo, the search was over.

Unfortunately, one of the things that I had hoped was settled, the bridesmaids dresses, isn’t.  Sae had decided that, to give her bridesmaids the most freedom possible, she would give us paint chips of the palette of colors she’s using, and ask us to find a formal dress in one of the blues.  This way those of us who want to sew could find fabric that matches, those of us who think that David’s Bridal is the Devil (mostly Indy) wouldn’t have to go there, those of us in other cities would be able to shop locally, and everything would be pulled together by the mad styling skillz of Indy, myself, and Mariah.  Both Indy and I were interested in sewing our own dresses, and had decided to see if we could find appropriate fabric for cheap on our recent trip to Philadelphia.  While there, Indy found some lovely silver and blue brocade that she thought would be perfect for our dresses, and although the price was a little more than I wanted to pay, we bought twelve yards of it.  I was thrilled to be done with the shopping and able to get on with the pattern alteration and sewing.

Unfortunately, when Indy showed Sae the fabric, she wasn’t so thrilled.  The brocade has a lot of silver in it, and depending on the light it’s under, can look much more silver than blue.  Sae has some concerns that this will throw the whole matching blues scheme completely off kilter, and instead of having a party of bridesmaids that look like they are a unified team, she’ll have a group of girls wearing random assorted dresses that may or may not really match.  I have tried to assure her that Indy’s artistic sensibilities alone would never allow this to happen, much less my own and Mariah’s, plus having at least two dresses that absolutely match could only help the ensemble look coordinated, but so far Sae is still not totally sure.  Until she gives us a definite ruling on whether or not we can use the fabric, we can’t proceed.  Meanwhile, since the store the fabric was bought from is in a state nine hours away, we can’t return it, and the cost of the fabric is a serious bite out of both my and Indy’s budget.  I had found a few reasonably priced bridesmaids dresses that would do if I couldn’t find the right fabric, but I can’t afford both one of them and the silver blue brocade.  So Sae is thinking things over, and in the meantime, all dress sewing is on hold.  Sigh.  Not that I really have time to sew right now anyway…

On the plus side, we have wedding invitations nearly done.  Sae asked Indy if she would draw the invitation illustration, incorporating a border of celtic knotwork, trees and flowers, God’s hands pouring a flood of grace down, and a portrait of the wedding couple along with a special flower to signify the special gift of Fleur that Mr. T brings with him into the marriage.  The resulting invitation is, frankly, spectacular.  It is a significant work of art and of Indy’s love for Sae.  I’ll have to ask Indy if I can post the artwork when it’s finished, because it is more beautiful than I can say.  And Indy isn’t the only artist making things for this wedding.  Our mother, a gifted potter, has been throwing samples of small pots and vases that will be used as decorations and favors on the tables, and planted with flowering seedlings, as decorations on the ends of the pews in the church.  The wedding veil is also progressing nicely, and is currently a strip of lace about four inches wide.  I made a lot of progress on it over Thanksgiving, since I couldn’t work on most of my other projects, which are Christmas presents for some of the people I was spending time with.  Once I got over being intimidated by the pattern, I’ve found myself enjoying it.  The combination of cables and nupps makes little rosettes in the fabric that I find particularly attractive.  Plus the chainlink edging on the sides looks so pretty.  I keep spreading it out to admire it in between rows.  I’ll have pictures of it for you one day soon so you can admire it too!

Right now the challenge is to get the guest list finalized, and to find addresses for everyone so we can send out Save The Date cards.  It’s been fun sending out e-mails and facebook messages to various cousins requesting information, and compiling it all in one big spreadsheet.  It’s a bit sad that the reception venue only seats 160 people.  I think we would invite the world if we could.  There are so many people who love our family, and are so thrilled that one of us is finally getting married.  We’ve been trying to brainstorm a way to include everyone, including perhaps having a less formal punch & cookies reception right after the ceremony in another room at the church.  I’m not sure what the status is on that, but I’m sure I’ll let you know when I find out.