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Somehow, no matter where I am, I always end up taking pictures of the sky.

Something about it fascinates me.  This, for instance, is the Pittsburgh skyline, taken from the front steps of Saint Mary of the Mount church, where I was about to meet JohnJohn and Ivy for Mass last Saturday evening.

And this is the amazing sunset we found ourselves driving into on our way home from Pittsburgh.

And then this was the sky as I was leaving work a few nights ago.

It was so dramatically beautiful I fond myself snapping half a dozen pictures before I could get into the car and go home.

And then there was this gorgeousness on my way to pick up my lunch yesterday.  So much beauty.

Also beautiful are my swing kids.  Here are two of them doing solo Charleston off in the corner of the dance floor during the Saturday afternoon dance at PittStop.  There’s a third behind them, chatting up a girl.  I apologize for the blurriness – my camera doesn’t do well at capturing moving subjects.  But aren’t they adorable?  The girl on the left is next year’s club president, and the girl on the right just started this year, and is one of the rising stars in my Swing I class.

And then this is The Shy Engineer, holding what he called his name tag.  He’s also pretty cute.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving tomorrow!  I know I’m intending to.  I’ll tell you all about it on Friday!

This year I am thankful for each of you.