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My dears, I am running about like crazy trying to get out the door to Pittsburgh so I can dance the night away at PittStop (one of my favorite Lindy Exchanges of all time.  OF ALL  TIME.)  This year will be extra awesome because I’ll get to see JohnJohn’s new baby, and also spend the weekend with KJ, an old friend whom I haven’t seen in way, way too long.  Like, back before I started to knit long.  I know.  I wanted to write a whole blog post about how excited I am about that, and about coming home from my Catholic young adult group last night to find gamers sitting on my porch drinking beer and waiting to be let in, and maybe even about the excessively cute baby bibs I sewed for JohnJohn’s first born (My motto last night: There will be bibs tonight!), but my friends, there is no time!


So I am leaving you with this video, which has made me cry every single time I’ve watched it.  Just watch it.

I’m good all the way through, just feeling warm & fuzzy & excited, until towards the end when the black woman comes out singing “The river was deep, I didn’t falter.” and then I just lose it.  Where I first saw this video was on The Anchoress (one of my favorite blogs).  She had commented that wouldn’t it be awesome if we were welcomed like this in heaven.  Consequently when I watch this I can’t help thinking about heaven, and about my brother, and about how much I miss him.  This coming Sunday would have been his 32nd birthday.

I love you, Jacob.  I know you’ll be waiting for me.