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One of the highlights of our trip to Philadelphia last weekend was taking a walk Friday afternoon with a great family of little girls (and one little boy) who live across the street from The Duchess.

Here we are setting off into the late afternoon sunshine.  The Duchess is the girl in gray plaid, and Grace is rocking her classic black.


Also with us was the one boy in the family, little A, who is almost two.  He was possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in his brown fur jacket that made him look just like a little bear cub.  This picture was taken by one of his sisters, who was fascinated with the camera in my phone.

This was taken by another one of the little girls, showcasing exactly how brilliantly beautiful the leaves were!

Still, as great as the leaves were to look at, they were even better to jump in!

And also toss into the air (especially if you can’t reach high enough to toss them on your sisters).

There were also walls to climb.

And trees to hide in.

Until all your sisters discover your awesome hiding place and insist on joining you, of course.

But when they look this cute, how can you be mad that they found your hiding place?

Am I right?

And then home again as the light started to fade.

With time to climb one last tree

And to insist on having a picture taken of all the pretty leaves raining down.

It was a great afternoon!