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I am trying to decide whether where I am counts as a new, entirely unwritten from location, but I don’t think it does.  While I may not have blogged specifically from The Duchess’s third floor garret in Philadelphia, I’ve still blogged from this address when I was here helping The Duchess move in.  Still, it’s a rarely written from location, and I’m very excited to be here.  Grace, Indy and I drove down yesterday afternoon, heading out across Ohio as the sun set behind us.  It’s a lot of fun driving with Grace – she talks back to other cars, and has a deep antipathy for truck drivers.  It’s hilarious.

Now I am here in Philadelphia, about to enjoy a weekend of fun and frivolity.  So far the schedule includes a dinner party, swing dancing, movie watching, listening to The Duchess cantor at the cathedral, shopping, taking Grace to have a Philadelphia cheesesteak for the first time, and going back to the fabulous fabric store we plundered last time.  MDoS and The Beautiful T are driving up from Princeton to be with us, plus I’ll get to meet 007, The Duchess’s new beau.  Plus I’ll get to hang out some with La Quebecois (who blogs at Trivuum Lost), who is also The Duchess’s landlady, and one of the coolest people I’ve met this year.

In fact, it occurred to me that this weekend will be the closest thing I’ve ever come to a blog meet-up.  I’ve read of other bloggers who get together with fellow bloggers, and have good times.  However, usually wherever I go I’m pretty sure that wherever I go, I’m the only one who might possibly write about it.  This weekend, however,  (in fact, probably at dinner tonight) we’ll have three people who all keep blogs in the same room.  We didn’t arrange it, but it just sortof happened.  It will be myself, La Quebecois, and SJ, who blogs at Yearning For Plenitude.  So, you know, good times.

See you Monday!