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I don’t have a whole lot of news to tell, and this morning when I was thinking of what to write about today, the best I could come up with was traffic.  (How has it happened that every single reasonable route I could take either to or from work involves inching through at least one, if not two or three, construction zones?  There’s not a single route that’s construction free.  Seriously.  So strange.)  I didn’t think you guys would be all that interested in reading an entire blog post about that, so I thought instead I’d share with you some of the random bits of the internet that are making me smile or sigh or think these days.  Enjoy!

  • Sewing + Star Trek = Awesome!
  • More fuel for my unholy passion for Vladimir Putin.
  • Now this is how to handle winning the lottery!
  • An interesting post about crafting, and why most women don’t do it much anymore.
  • The most horrific tragedy nobody is talking about.
  • Girl Genius is showing the book love these days.  Mmmm…. libraries….
  • I really want to knit these mittens.
  • I also love these Small World teacup pincushions.  There’ something about having a perfect little vignette of homey peace you can hold in your hand.  So pretty.
  • A little late, but still the sweetest Halloween wish I’ve ever seen.
  • The best Dracula adaptation of all time.
  • Something personally comforting for the Feast of All Souls, when I seem to miss my brother especially.
  • An important knitting lesson.  However, I have found that beer and lace knitting tend to get along rather well.
  • Speaking of knitting, this may only be hilarious to knitters, but I still found myself reciting almost all of it to Rosie last night, whether she wanted to listen or not.
  • A recipe for roast duck I really, really want to try!
  • This morning I woke up in the middle of a dream in which I was walking home at dawn through a just waking-up downtown street market area, carrying a plastic shopping bag with two melons I couldn’t find anyone to pay for, when suddenly I came across some swing dancing friends, this song started playing, and we started dancing in the middle of the street.  I started out dancing with one guy, which was a lot of fun, but then I got stolen by another guy, and ended up dancing both with him and someone I couldn’t recognize because he had his green cabled sweater pulled up over his head.  This worried me, but not enough to stop dancing.  Then I woke up.

Also, one of the older engineers I work with also teaches a couple of courses at the university.  Recently we’ve been a little low of certain office supplies, including paper clips.  He confided in me that, in order to supply himself with paper clips, he’s been taking the clips off his students’ homework pages, stapling the pages together, and keeping the clips for himself.  Personally, I think that’s hilarious.  Also, we have now replenished our office supply, so hopefully the students’ paper clips will be safe again.