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I’ve been knitting like crazy on Christmas projects, and miracle of miracles, I actually have a few I can show you!

This is part of Fleur’s Christmas present.  Indy and I are working together on a doll for her.  Indy is sewing the doll, making the doll’s bed, and sewing some clothes for the doll.  I’m knitting a coverlet for the bed (which you see pictured above), knitting the doll a sweater, and making some clothes too.  The cool thing about this coverlet is that it’s done with a technique called double knitting, in which you’re knitting two rows at the same time.  So the design you see on one side…

is also on the other, but reversed.  I’m knitting this from soft fingering weight wool, so the miniature blanket feels so cozy and warm.

The design is from a book of antique Victorian French cross stitch patterns I bought years ago from my favorite needlepoint shop.  (No, I’ve never actually done any needlepoint.  We overlook that fact.  We do not press it.)  Also, the knitting needles I’m using are a set that belonged to my maternal grandmother.  I never saw her knitting, but they were in a case of other needles we found in a bunch of stuff Mom & Dad cleared out of my grandparents’ house when they moved into assisted living.  At the time AnniPotts was the only knitter in the family, so we gave the case to her.  Recently AnniPotts gave up on knitting, and passed them on to me.

I’m also working on a teeny, tiny shawl, also for a doll.  This doll is one that Indy made for herself to go in the dollhouse she’s been renovating.  We agreed that we would do a crafting trade – I would knit her a miniature shawl for the doll, and she would make me one of her adorable, 1″ long stuffed elephants.  She came through on her side of the bargain months ago, but I’ve been much more tardy.  Part of the problem was that I didn’t want to wind up a whole skein of lace weight yarn just for a tiny shawl, and I wasn’t sure that some of the threads I had would be suitable.  However, when I looked at the little ball of thread left over when I finished Mom’s Queen Anne’s Lace shawl, I knew that the soft cashmere/silk blend would be perfect.  So I dug out my 000 needles (the first time I’ve used them!) and cast on.  It’s actually finished now, and waiting to be washed and blocked before I can take finished product pictures.

Just so you get an idea of the size of this thing, that blue thing is a milk bottle cap I put into the photo to give you an idea of the scale.  This shawl is really tiny!

And just for gratuitous prettiness, this is what the sky looked like last Saturday evening as Mariah, Rosie and I sat on our front steps waiting for trick or treaters.