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Wedding Epicness continues apace.  On Saturday Sae and Mr. T, with a revolving cast of Mariah, Indy, and Rosie, toured various venues and had tasting appointments with a few caterers.  They’ll do this again next Saturday, this time with both sets of the in-laws-to-be, and then I think we’ll have a final decision about that.  So far there’s a clear favorite at least for the venue, but you never know.  I think I mentioned that we have a date (May 28), and Indy is drawing like mad creating what is possibly the most beautiful invitation ever.  We have colors now too, though it’s not one or two colors, but a whole palette of various shades of blue, green, and pink.  We’re not completely sure what we’re going to do for bridesmaid dresses, though Sae is leaning heavily towards the “send everyone color chips and have them get something formal that matches one of the blues” idea.  My bright idea was that we should have all the bridesmaids also wear white, and then have accents (a sash, a large flower brooch, a hair ornament, something at the neckline or the hem) made from fabric in the wedding colors (sing withe me: “Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes…”), but Sae wasn’t crazy about that idea.  I had been cherishing visions of making myself a supremely fresh and pretty fifties style frock from white eyelet, but I guess that will have to wait for some other occasion.

We also don’t have a wedding dress yet, though I think we’re closing in on one.  Sae has very specific ideas about what she wants, which is surprisingly much more elaborate than I ever would have guessed.  I associate Sae much more with a down to earth sort of unfussy elegance.  This is definitely not that.  In fact, I think this is Sae channeling her Inner Princess with a vengeance.  It’s beautiful, just a little surprising to me.  We had thought Indy had found the perfect dress on eBay, but when we compared Sae’s measurements with those of the dress, we realized that the only way the dress would fit is with some fairly aggressive corseting.  So, yeah, no.  Sae would like to be able to breathe on her wedding day.  Yesteday we went over to Aunt B’s, who has Grandma’s wedding dress, to see if that would fit Sae.  It isn’t the style Sae is looking for, but if you can fit into your grandmother’s dress (and it is a lovely dress) that tends to trump just about anything.  I had pointed out that Grandma S was one of the Little People when young, but we thought we’d give it a shot anyway.  The dress was indeed beautiful, though Aunt B only had the sheer overdress (tight lace bodice with high v-neckline and long tight sleeves with little buttons at the wrist, sweepingly full organza skirt with ruffle at the hem).  Sae gave it a shot, but wasn’t particularly disappointed when only her head and one of her arms fit inside.  She tried on Aunt B’s wedding dress too, just for good measure.  It was beautiful, but not really what Sae’s looking for.  Still, it was fun seeing it on her, and talking together about ways that it might work.  It was a very sweet family moment, with Sae, Mom, Indy, Aunt B and myself all crowded around Sae in Aunt B’s upstairs hall, admiring Sae and the dress.

The thing I’m dithering about today is whether I should try to find a suitable bridesmaid dress I can afford in the right color and in my size (a Holy Grail if I ever heard of one), or make my own.  I know exactly the kind of dress I want.  1950s style with a fitted bodice, ballet or scoop neckline, cap sleeves or no sleeves, and a gorgeously full skirt, possibly with petticoats, that is no more than calf length.  Basically this dress, but for half that price, or this pattern, if it were in my size.  Ironically, I actually own that pattern, except when I bought it I didn’t understand that sewing pattern sizes and ready to wear sizes are radically different (basically, I have to sew a pattern two or three sizes bigger than the size I would buy off the rack in a store), so it’s not my size.  It’s possible that I could maybe grade the pattern up to my size, but I’ve never done that before, I’m not that accomplished a seamstress (I just graduated to actually finishing my seams), and I’m pretty sure that I would make a mess of it.  Plus there’s the time factor.  And then, unless I found a really, really good bargain in silk or satin fabric in just the right color, I might not actually save any money by making it myself.  So I’m torn between wanting to make something beautiful, and feeling humble about my skills and pessimistic about my available time.  I figured a few of you might have opinions on this, so I thought I’d let you weigh in:

Also, I should mention that this wedding planning has started to be the occasion for some memorable quotes.  My favorite so far is from Saturday:

Sae: Mr. T, am I a crack baby?

Mr. T: Well, if you are, you’re a cute one!

See why he fits in so well with my family!  Gosh!