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Man, it suddenly got cold!  We’ve been having such a gorgeous autumn, full of balmy days and high blue skies, that I think I was secretly wishing it would just go on like this until December.  When Rosie said a few weeks ago that she thought it was time to put down the storm windows, I was shocked, and told her that it couldn’t possibly be time yet.  And now, yes, it is definitely time to put down the storm windows.  It’s also now time to take the plants in off the front porch (done last night), time to start putting up the plastic over the windows that will help keep our heating bills at reasonable levels this winter, and time to put flannel sheets on the beds.  It is also time to start wearing a coat instead of just throwing a scarf or shawl over whatever I’m wearing.  Thankfully I have a lovely, warm coat this year that I got on super sale because it was missing buttons.  I wore it last night for the first time, and felt most luxurious in its wool warmth.  However, it is not quite time yet to get out the big down comforters (proof against the deepest cold), or my beloved rice packs that keep my feet warm when it freezes.  I think we have a little more time before we need those.

One thing I’m looking forward to is Beggar’s Night.  It’s on Saturday for us.  We have the candy all ready and waiting on the dresser by the front door (although I think Rosie’s already dug into it a little), and I have my costume, such as it is.  It consists of a badge reading “Nudists Local No. 793 ON STRIKE.”  I’ve made it up into a printable pdf, which you can download and use yourself in case you need a quick and easy costume.  You’ll need Adobe Reader, which you can download for free here.  Once you have the Adobe Reader installed, all you have to do is click on this link, print the page, cut it out, and pin it to whatever you’re wearing.  Instant costume!

In other news, I think I may be getting over my knitting pattern intimidation.  I read through the pattern a few more times, this time highlighting those things I actually needed to pay attention to, and crossing out those things I didn’t.  That made me feel much more confident, and yesterday I started casting on.  The instructions said that you should cast on a tenth of the stitches you needed, mark your place, unravel the cast on and measure how much yarn you used.  Then you would multiply that by eleven (for a safety margin), and have the amount of yarn you needed to cast on all 463 stitches (since it would be horrible to get to, say, 425 and run out of yarn).  I did as instructed, and got to 395 before I realized that I was, guess what, running out of yarn.  So I had to start all over again, and got up to about 350 before I had to put it down and head off to my Catholic Life young adult group.  So hopefully today I’ll be able to finish the cast on and perhaps actually start knitting.  I’ll let you know how that goes…