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I cannot find the doodad that allows me to plug the tiny little mini disk from my phone (with which I take all my pictures) into a USB drive so I can upload them for your usual Wednesday picture post.  I think it must be at home somewhere, but where it is exactly, who can tell?  However, while I was digging through my bag looking for the missing gadget, I started laughing about some of the contents.  So I thought I’d share with you the items I apparently consider necessary for daily life.  They are:

  • Datebook.  We will not list the papers, coupons, and other random things shoved into this, because no one has that kind of time.
  • Card case with fairy tale illustration on it containing charge cards, IDs, the Pokemon card Boy-O gave me when he was 8 for me to take with me on NET, and part of my collection of saints’ relics (mostly third class, one second class).
  • External hard drive with my music on it, still in there from DJing at Swing Club on Monday
  • Extra pair of clean socks (also swing dance related)
  • Ibuprofen (I wish I could say that this is swing dance related, but it’s more just because I’m female)
  • Keys
  • 6 pieces of random mail I picked up at my parents’ house the other day and still haven’t opened
  • Notepad
  • 3 Swingout Dayton promotional pens
  • 3 Swingout Dayton promotional post-it note pads
  • Change purse (This also contains a 3rd class relic of St. Anthony, and a token for the luggage carts at the airport. No, I don’t know why either.)
  • Asthma inhaler
  • Recipe for Pickled Green Tomatoes
  • Receipts: various
  • Bulletin from St. Joseph’s church downtown
  • Mom’s Queen Anne’s Lace Shawl (only ten rows from the end!  Joy!)
  • My Triggy shawl, now about 100 rows in

It just occurred to me that I don’t have any makeup in my bag at all, not even so much as a chapstick, which is interesting.  I almost never wear makeup except for the most special of special occasions, but I used to keep a powder compact and some lip gloss in there just in case.  I wonder where that went to….

Pictures tomorrow!

Also hopefully a job update tomorrow – I still haven’t heard about the job.  Not a call, nothing.  I had been feeling fairly confident about things on Monday, but as this keeps dragging on with no word, my confidence is leaking away.  So, you know, keep praying, and hopefully this will have a happy ending after all.