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We had our first very, very preliminary planning meeting for Sae’s & Mr. T’s wedding on Friday.  I may decide to just start calling it the Epic Wedding, because I think that’s where we’re headed.  (We can only hope that in the end it will be the good kind of Epic, full of hilarious adventures and people ending up Happily Ever After instead of the kind of Epic where you endure untold hardships and privations as you go in pursuit of a goal that ends up costing you so much to achieve that you’re never really able to return home and enjoy normal life again.)  So far we have a budget and a location for the ceremony (Corpus Christi, where over half of us were Baptized, all but one received our First Communions, all of us were Confirmed, and from which one of us was buried), some options for reception locations, and no date.  Mr. T, who has been very ready to marry Sae for several  months now, would like the wedding to be earlier, in May.  Sae, who likes to have time to accommodate herself to things, was thinking more August.  I’m pretty sure Mr. T is going to win on this one, but we’ll have to wait and let the two of them work this out.  We also have colors (blue and green), and some general ideas of what Sae and Mr. T would like.  And I think that’s quite a promising start.

Part of what is going to make this the Epic Wedding of Epicness and Also Joy is not only that Sae is the first of all of us to get married (eleven kids, friends, eleven, all of marriageable age, and not one married), but Sae has let it be known that she wants all of us to be in the wedding.  She had been a little anxious about this beforehand, worrying about how she could possibly make the decision of which sibling to have in the wedding party, and how to not have someone in the party without hurting anyone’s feelings.  We all assured her that we loved her very much, and while we would be thrilled to be her attendants (or Mr. T’s), we didn’t have to be in the wedding, and would be just as thrilled to help without being an official Bridesmaid.  And we really meant it too, which is the amazing part.  I was betting on either Mariah or The Duchess as Sae’s Maid of Honor, possibly one or two other sisters as Bridesmaids, which left room for a couple of friends if Sae wanted to have them while keeping the wedding party to a reasonable size.  On Saturday AnniPotts joyfully proclaimed that she was going to be a Bridesmaid, so I was deeply surprised and thrilled when Sunday evening Sae and Mr. T dropped by my house on their way home from their NFP class and asked me if I would be a Bridesmaid too.  I was more thrilled than I can say.  There may have been twirls of glee involved.  That’s when Sae told me her generous plan to have everyone involved in one way or another.  This may take some finangaling – Indy isn’t crazy about the idea of having to get up in front of people, and Rosie isn’t sure how this would work for her since she’s really not the Bridesmaid type.  So we’re not sure how the final result will look, but in the meantime it sounds like Bridesmaid dresses or Boutonnières for everyone!

Also, on the topic of Wedding of Epicness, so far it looks like I’m going to be knitting Sae’s wedding veil.  On Friday I showed her the lace thread I have, and we looked at a few patterns on Ravelry.  There are some incredibly beautiful examples of lace shawls used as veils there.  We didn’t have time to make any decisions (though if the wedding is in May, I need to get knitting!), but we discussed a little what Sae likes, and hopefully we’ll make a decision this coming weekend.  However, I thought some of you guys might like to weigh in on this veil knitting thing (in a totally non-binding way, since none of you are Sae, who holds the only opinion that really matters), so without further ado, here are a few of the patterns that I think will make lovely veils.  Click on the links to check them out, and then vote for your favorite in the poll below:

    1. Echo Flowers
    2. Icelandic Poppy
    3. Baltic Blossoms (I particularly love the lily of the valley border)
    4. Torreyana (Scroll down to see the optional top border edging which I think would be pretty framing Sae’s face)
    5. Pea Vines (I like this one very much, partly because to me peas symbolize fertility and inheritance, and it would make me giggle to knit Sae a veil covered in pea vines for her wedding)
    6. Artichaut (Lacey and gorgeous, with another lovely top border edging)

While we’re on the subject of knitting, I’m chugging along on my Christmas presents.  Last night I finally finished a present that I’ve been working on, technically, for a couple of years.  I’ll tell the whole story later when I can accompany it with pictures, but for now, it’s so good to be done.  I bound off while watching episodes of Lie To Me on Netflix, and it took over two episodes to finish the bind off.  Sigh.

Also, a little update on the job situation: I don’t know yet.  Last Tuesday my Fairy Corporate Recruiter Godmother called and said that the interview on Monday had gone very well, the prospective employers liked me very much, and it was down to me and one other candidate.  They had asked if both of us would come in and get tested on our basic Microsoft Word & Excel skills.  I went in and got tested Wednesday, but at that time I was told that the other candidate wouldn’t be able to do the testing until Monday (that’s today).  So the earliest I could find out is sometime today, though more likely tomorrow.  I’m at work all day today, and my cell phone gets no reception in that building.  Hopefully I’ll have a message waiting for me on my voicemail when I get home.  If it’s good news, I’ll probably broadcast it by twitter & text message right away.  If there’s no message, or it’s bad news, you might have to wait a little while for the sting to ease before I can share it.  But hopefully by Wednesday I should know for sure one way or the other, and I’ll let you know.  If you’re the praying type, please continue to pray for me!