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One of the things I love about where I live is the huge trees in front that turn into a blaze of glory every Autumn.

They’re so beautiful!  I love looking out at them.  For example, this is the view from my front bedroom window:

It was taken last week, before the tree had really hit its peak of color, but you get the idea.

And then there’s the tree on the opposite corner that’s been taking my breath away.  Every time I drive up the slight hill to my house, it just shouts beauty at me.

The bright colors just shine against the peerless blue skies we’ve been having.

Even after they’ve fallen, the leaves are beautiful.

I’m so lucky to live where I do.

As pretty as it is outside, the inside is starting to look awfully cozy and warm too.  The other day I looked through the French doors between the living room and the sun room/work room, and saw this pretty tableau.  There was something about all those warm textures and pretty colors together – I had to take a picture.

Or two.  All that sunlight streaming in makes me feel warm inside!  I hope it helps you feel a little warmer too.