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On Wednesday I interviewed for the job my Fairy Corporate Recruiter Godmother found for me.  Coming away from it I wasn’t sure how it went.  On the one hand, they seemed to like me, and even laughed at the jokes I made.  On the other, I was interviewed by a panel of four people, two on each side of me.  In order to meet the eyes of whoever was questioning me, I had to turn my back slightly to the two on the other side of the table.  This meant that, although I knew that each person had responded positively at different points to the answers I was giving, I never knew what impact I was having on the group as a whole.  And then, though they said that they would be in touch, they didn’t ask when I could start.  So I thought it went well, but I wasn’t sure.  However, this morning I got the call that they would like me to come in for a second interview with a slightly different group of people on Monday morning.  So that’s promising.  🙂 

I really would like to get this job – the more I find out about the organization the more I like it, and think that I would both enjoy the job very much and be able to work well with and for them.  So, for those of you who have been keeping me and my job situation in your prayers, please continue to pray, and we’ll see what happens Monday morning!

The thing that makes me laugh about the second job interview is that now I have to figure out what to wear.  My wardrobe has a strong tendency towards cute and casual, which exactly fits the jobs I’ve had so far.  However, this means that I have exactly one business-y jacket – which I wore to the interview Wednesday.  It’s rather a miracle I have even that jacket, since in general I tend to dislike suit jackets a lot.  They’re so stiff and uncomfortable.  Give me a prettty cardigan any day!  However, now I need something to wear to the second interview, and I’m not sure what to do.  I could go with a sort of twin-set look (though I don’t have any actual twin-sets) with a cardigan over a plain shirt.  Or maybe Mariah has something I could borrow.  Her work environment is much more formal, so she has more of those sorts of things.  Sigh.  I did recently buy a pattern for a business suit that I like, but I don’t think I could have it made up by Monday.  Plus I’d have to buy fabric, and, yeah, let’s just not go there.  I will be sensible, and ask Mariah if I can raid her closet.

One of the other interesting things that has been happening lately is that I’ve been losing weight.  Some months ago I started following a new food plan, not a diet, but a sensible plan of meals that helps me make sure I’m eating enough of the right things.  The point of doing it wasn’t to lose weight, though I didn’t mind that possibility at all, but to help achieve a little more sanity in my daily life.  I knew I’d been losing a little weight over the summer, enough to make some of my clothes fit a little better, but I don’t have a scale, so I wasn’t sure how much I was losing.  And, frankly, I was content not to know.  However, a while ago when I measured myself before cutting the waistband for my second skirt, I noticed something interesting.  My measurement was an inch smaller than it had been when I sewed my first skirt a few months before.  I thought this was pretty awesome, and was inspired to try on a pair of jeans that I’d stopped wearing because they were too tight.  They fit comfortably.  That was pleasantly exciting. 

 This Wednesday after I got home from my interview, I settled down to another sewing project to keep my mind off fretting about how well or badly I might have done.  This time when I measured my waist, it was two inches smaller than my previous measurement, three inches smaller than my measurement at the beginning of the summer.  This morning when I was getting dressed to give Rosie a last-minute ride to school, I grabbed for my comfy jeans, and realized that they were the same jeans I’d only started wearing again recently, the same ones I’d stopped wearing because they used to be too tight.  Which means I think I’m close to my lowest weight in three years, almost where I was in the two  months after Jacob’s death when I kept forgetting to eat.  This is pretty cool, particularly since this time it’s not grief-induced.  So I thought I’d just mention it.

Just so you know, I don’t think I’ll be writing very much about weight loss.  That’s never been what this blog was about, and I don’t want it to become that.  I didn’t start this food plan with the goal of losing weight, and while I like that side-effect, my focus, as always, is learning how to be a saner, healthier, holier person.  I’ve always been larger than average, and I probably always will be.  That’s something I’m just fine with.  My body is my body, and I like it.  So, um, yeah.