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A long time ago I promised to knit my Dad a pair of gloves.  Actually, it was while we were in the hospital with Jacob, in that 24 hour period between “heart attack, but possibly recoverable” and “he’s had a stroke, and his chances don’t look good.”  I was knitting myself a pair of hand warmers, making the pattern up as I went.  Dad admired them, and asked me if I would make him a pair.  I said yes, measured his hand, and wrote the dimensions down in my notebook.  Later I kept meaning to get around to making them, but I think the emotional weight attached to the project because it was associated with that particular time in my life kept me from being able to get started.

Then I found out that what Dad actually wanted wasn’t a pair of hand warmers like I’d been making for myself (I didn’t even know how to knit a thumb at that point, just bound off some stitches and then cast on again to make a slit my thumb went through), but essentially gloves with the fingertips missing.  I’d tried knitting gloves once before, back when I was still a baby knitter, but all those tiny tubes for the fingers defeated me, and I’d been too intimidated to try again.  So that was another reason to keep procrastinating.  A while ago I found a gloves pattern that didn’t look nearly so complicated, but it wasn’t enough to get me started until Mom spoke the magic words: We’ll buy you yarn.  And just like that, all my reasons for putting this off didn’t work anymore.

Gloves for Dad back

I cast on soon after I got the yarn in the mail, and started working away.  The pattern was pretty easy to follow, and I quickly found myself making my very first thumb gusset, and then doing double-knitting for the first time in my life.  It was pretty cool.  I knit most of the fingers while we were traveling down to DC and back a few weekends ago, making Dad try them on after I finished each one to find out if they were the right length or not.  So far it looks like I’ll have to make a few tweaks – the ring finger is just a little bit too short, and the index finger is just a row or two too long.  And then I’ll just need to make the second one!