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So at the party Saturday night some of the guys decided to try to spook me.  They saw a PVC pipe in the back yard fall over for no apparent reason, and this gave them the idea that maybe they could convince me that my house was haunted, and get all freaked out and stuff.  I think it’s sortof the same principle as a little boy shoving a frog in a little girl’s face to watch her scream and run away.   Anyway, the first I heard of this was when PM found me in the kitchen, all full of suppressed excitement.  He started with asking me whether I’d heard of haunted PVC.  I looked at him a little over the rim of my glasses and replied, “Haunted… PVC?”  He stopped a moment and said, “Uh, I mean, the, um, Pueblo Village Community!  Those poor Indians were buried… (big pause here for dramatic effect) UNDER YOUR HOUSE!” 

I started to giggle.  I don’t think this was quite the reaction he was looking for.  Right about then The Thinker and Stalwart poked their heads through the doorway, their faces bright with anticipation.  I swallowed my giggles and waited to see what would happen next.  PM turned to the other guys for reinforcement.  “Yeah, the, um, Pueblo village massacre.”  “Oh, yeah!” chimed in The Thinker, “The one in 1832!  And then they buried them somewhere right around here, right?”  I looked at him, and my giggles turned into full out laughter.  You would think at that point they would give up, but these guys are persistent.  They kept trying to convince me first that there were Indians buried in my basement (my reaction: “Woohoo!  Holy martyrs who can pray for me!”), second that I should be spooked by this idea.  And, well, I think I just didn’t watch the right movies when I was a kid.  After a while the guys did get a little frustrated and asked me what would freak me out.  And, well, I couldn’t think of anything.  Except there was that time a bunch of us were spending the night at an ex-convent in northern Wisconsin, and we thought there was a dead body in one of the rooms, except it turned out to be the life size body of Jesus they had taken off of the cross in the church while they were doing renovations.  That was pretty freaky.

True story.

Anyway, it was a great party.  I laughed a lot, drank a little, and fed people delicious food.  We had a good group of people.  It was a lot of fun seeing our various groups of friends mix.  That’s one of the fun things about having parties like this: seeing people who otherwise wouldn’t know each other make connections.

In other news, I’ve got an interview tomorrow.  Not nervous about that at all, no…