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I may have discovered the secret to getting guys to bring you chocolate.  Yesterday I teased The Shy Engineer about his age (he had just walked into the front office and announced that he’d forgotten what he needed to tell the main secretary), and this morning he showed up at my desk with a whole bag of Hershey’s miniatures to restock the mug of candy we keep on the ledge in front of my desk.  (It was a very Jim & Pam moment.)  I would field test this on more guys to make sure whether it works universally or just on The Shy Engineer, but the sad thing is that I don’t eat anything that has added sugar, so I wouldn’t be able to do more than admire the chocolate from a distance.  But in case you’d like to get a little chocolate from that cute guy down the hall, try teasing him about getting old and see what happens.

In other news, this week I’ve been learning a little how it feels to have a Fairy Godmother.  Tuesday afternoon I got a call from a total stranger.  She identified herself as working for a company I’d never heard of, and said that she had a job she wanted me to apply for.  It seems that she was a corporate head hunter who had found my resume in her company’s database (as far as I know I’ve never applied for a job through them, although I’ve applied for so many random jobs in the last year or so that who really knows anymore) and thought I’d be just perfect for a position she’s trying to fill.  It would be for a local non-profit that works with pregnant women and children, helping them with housing, health care, education, etc.  The position sounded like general administrative support (which I could do in my sleep), and she would like to interview me at my earliest convenience.  I made an appointment to come down to her offices, hung up the phone, and then just stared at it in my hand for a moment.  I wasn’t sure if this was legit, or if it might turn out to be a scam of some kind (usually too good to be true is, well, not true at all), but I figured it was worth investigating.

So the next morning I dressed up in my business-y clothes and toddled on down to their offices in a building overlooking the river downtown.  There I quickly discovered that this wasn’t a scam or a sales pitch disguised as a job interview.  In fact, the company that was recruiting me was a reputable firm that mostly specializes in placing professionals in the accounting and finance fields.  This job was a little out of their area of expertise, but they had taken it on as a special project for the client, with whom they’d worked before.  The client was a local home for low-income single mothers with 1-2 children under the age of five.  Women who enter the program have their own apartment in which they live usually for about two years while they work to develop educational and employment plans, and receive counseling and other assistance to help them achieve their goals, including child care at the day care center on site.  They need someone to be a sort of facilities manager, processing work orders for maintenance when something goes wrong with an apartment, collecting rent, and conducting periodic apartment inspections.  There is also a sort of supply depot of diapers, formula, baby clothes, etc. that I would manage, and a banquet facility that I would be in charge of scheduling.  The program has a strong faith aspect, and is influenced by Catholic roots but officially non-denominational.  The recruiter thought my background, from my current administrative position, to working as The Kiddo’s nanny, to my experience in youth and young adult ministry (NET, TOT, our Catholic Life young adult group) made me just perfect for this job. 

I thought it sounded kinda perfect too.  It sounds like a job that would be interesting and challenging.  It plays to a lot of my strengths, particularly being able to interact in a loving way with people.  Plus, it’s doing pro-life ministry again.  I haven’t done a lot of pro-life activity in the last few years since I’ve been so focused on other things (school,swing dancing, and trying to make ends meet), but before I went off to NET I volunteered for five years as a peer counselor at the local crisis pregnancy center, and before that I was a pro-life activist.  So helping women choose life, and making that choice possible on a practical level, is one of my core values.  Being able to do this on a regular basis would be deeply fulfilling.  Plus, the money would be good (no more struggles to make it to the next payday), and I would have that most coveted thing: Benefits.  So I would love to get this job.

I left the interview feeling a little lightheaded.  After all the job related stress of the last year or so, to have someone present me with the perfect job opportunity on a silver platter was surreal.  It was so out of the blue, so unexpected.  Surely things don’t happen this easily?  And yet, so far they have.  By the end of the work day, the recruiter had already called at least two of my three references, and I’d completed the paperwork for the background check and sent over a few letters of recommendation I have on file.  The recruiter said that she would be passing my information on to the organization Wednesday afternoon, and then it would be up to them when to schedule the interview (she was very certain they were going to want to interview me).  This morning I got a message letting me know that they did want to interview, and this afternoon we set the time for next Wednesday afternoon.  So that’s exactly a week from when I first heard of the job to having an interview.  It’s all happening very fast, and it’s a little dizzying, but in a good way.  I’ve been praying for months now for a job that would really pay all my bills, and it looks like maybe I’m getting it.  It all depends on how this interview on Wednesday goes.  It will be a group interview, which will be interesting.  I’m a bit nervous.  If you could say a prayer for me, I would really appreciate it!

In the meantime, we roommates are having our Big Party tomorrow.  There’s a lot to get done between now and then!  Ani invited me to go down to First Friday in the Oregon District with her tonight, but I think I’m going to stay home and work on getting the house ready.  I’m really looking forward to this party – it’s the first big thing we’ve had here at our apartment.  I was talking it up at Theology On Tap last night (and did I tell you how marvelous it is to go to TOT and not have to do a thing?!  Marvelous!), and I think we’re going to have a really great group of people.  It will be very interesting seeing my Catholic young adult friends interact with my swing dancing friends, and all of the above interacting with Rosie and Johnnycake’s friends.  Plus, the word on the street is that MDoS and The Beautiful T are going to be there.  Fun times ahead!