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I kinda love road trips with my family.  They’re much less stressful than they were when we were little, so now we get all the road trip fun without the Drama that used to go with it.  For example…

This is Boy-O and Mr. T bonding.  Say it with me: “Awwwww!”

Of course, this is what they were doing just a few minutes later.  These two never stay quiet for long…

And then there’s also the lovely, lovely scenery.  I kinda love mountains.

On Saturday we were busy helping to get ready for my cousin’s wedding.  This is the groom, sweeping up the floor of the venue beforehand.

And this is what it looked like after we were done.  However, my favorite thing about the venue was this cupboard I discovered in the kitchen:

Which, when I opened it, revealed this:

By my estimate, there were over 200 cups in that cabinet.  Can’t you imagine having a dance in that hall back in the day, and all these punch cups arrayed around the punch bowl on the table in the corner?  And the poor girl who got stuck back in the kitchen washing them?  Such a blast from the past.

Before the wedding we had lunch at my aunt’s house (the mother of the bride), where Mr. T and Sae proceeded to be excessively cute.

"And I'd like a doll house, and a pony, and a new dress, but not a pink one cuz Janie down the street has a pink one and I don't like it."

This is what they looked like when they realized I was taking pictures:

Still cute.

And this is what the hall looked like a few hours later with everyone in it:

It made me glad we’d put out every single chair!

And our lovely, lovely bride!  Congratulations, AJ!  I hope you and your new husband are blissfully happy!