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When I was heading out to Grace’s place last Friday, the light was so beautiful – slanting across the fields as the sun went down.

I love the light at this time of day – it makes everything and everyone look so beautiful.  This is just on the other side of Grace’s front yard, by the way.

Speaking of beautiful, I would like to introduce this little one, Hello Nurse’s firstborn daughter.

She’s a beauty already – just look at that dimple!

But the best part is the awesomely cranky/dubious faces she makes.  She hasn’t made up her mind about any of this just yet, but she has her doubts!

After the sun went down, the bonfire got started.

It was a perfect night for it – just cool enough to make the heat of the fire welcome.

Big Stick (seated in the green shirt) kept the fire built up big and bright.

And we had music too, provided by Grace’s brother.  I’ve known him a long time, and I can’t think of a nickname awesome enough for him.  The Lumberjack might work, but it’s not perfect.  I’ll have to think about this.  Hmmm…