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In lieu of the real blog post you should have had Monday (sorry bout that), here’s some pretty, pretty pictures:

I worked my last craft fair of the summer on Sunday.  It was a beautiful day, made extra exciting by occasional strong gusts of wind which tried to blow the tent away.  The tent actually achieved liftoff a couple of times – I and my booth mate had to leap up to grab the frame to hold it down.  We also tied our tote bags to the front legs as anchors (good thing we both carry such heavy bags, huh).

My boothmate was the lovely Sarasvati, Godiva’s sister.  She declined to be photographed, so what you see in the bottom right corner is her shoulder as she leaned out of the shot.  She’s a licensed massage therapist – we had her massage chair set up in half of the tent, with my table of things in the other half.  All in all, it was a fun day, if not hugely profitable.  Ironically, although my sales were about half of what they were last month, my expenses were cut in half too by having a booth mate, so I made almost exactly the same profit.  It will be a little while before it’s time for the holiday craft fairs – I’m going to use the time to rethink whether or not they’re worth doing.

The other big event of the weekend was the Greek Festival, something I look forward to all year.  My family lives just a few blocks away from the Greek Orthodox church that hosts it every year, so going over to the festival, having a gyro, some baklava, a few spanakopita or tiropita, maybe a few loukomathes etc., was always a huge deal.  However, as time goes by, it has become less and less about the festival itself (there’s only so many tours of the church you can take, and after a while the dancing looks all the same) and more about the food.  Plus, trying to wedge myself through the shoulder to shoulder crowds that pack the place in the evenings is not my idea of a good time.  This year I joined forced with Mom, Dad and Indy to make a lightning raid early on Friday.  We walked over just as things were getting started, before the lines got long, and quickly fanned out to our assigned tasks.  Indy had the gyro line, I was headed for the spanakopita & tiropita stall, and the parents got in line for pastries.  We reunited in the coffee shop, made brief forays out again to get additional items, and then headed triumphantly home bearing our spoils.  It felt a little like we’d plundered the place, and were making a quick getaway.  Once home, Indy headed off to babysit for Sparkboy and Pookah, and I went home and sat down to eat with Mom & Dad.

At dinner, somehow Mom & Dad got me onto the topic of knitting and yarn.  Dad particularly has been pining for his Bob Cratchit gloves, and wanted to know what I needed to get them done ASAP.  This led to looking at yarn online (we decided that Dad’s gloves will be knit from dark brown yarn from Knitpicks), which then had me confessing my deep desire to knit myself rainbow thigh-high socks (or maybe leggings) from KnitPicks Stroll Tonal yarn (inspired by this amazingness).  This then led to Mom pointing out that they hadn’t gotten my Christmas present yet, and one thing leading to another, a package containing this landing on my doorstep this afternoon:

Isn’t it gorgeous?  I love how the colors just glow.  I can’t wait to cast on for these!  They will be so warm!  However, as much as I want to cast on instantly, I have so much knitting to get done between now and Christmas, I think I’d better wait.  This can be my reward for actually getting my Christmas knitting done.

Sigh.  So pretty.

And in other news, guess who started school!